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 Back to School with MacNorwell Resident Kim DiLoreto will be reading and signing her picture book, Back to School With Mac on Thursday, August 22 at 10:30 am.

About the Book and Tradition:
Moving on to a new school year is a big step. This tradition helps to balance the first day of school jitters with a focus on the fun preparations of a new school year.  LINK TO MORE INFO.


Sean StellatoSIGNED COPIES AVAILABLE  OF SEAN STELLATO'S new novel for upper elementary and middle school students, Football Magic: Buddy's New Beginning.  

Stellato describes his book as “Friday Night Lights meets Harry Potter, with a sprinkle of ballet tossed in.”

The book has been endorsed by several prominent people in the world of sports including Bill Belichick, Sean Payton, Jon Gruden, Andre Reid, Doug Flutie, Mike Eruzione, Vinny Testaverde and John Harbaugh. The book has also been endorsed by the Boston Ballet and Dr. Wayne Klein of Spaulding Rehabilitation, a clinical neuro-psychologist, and Julie Foudy, who played Team USA women’s soccer with Mia Hamm in the ‘90’s.. .

Sean is dedicating this new children's book series to his 12 year old daughter Gianna, who was recently diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis and Lupus.

The first installment is titled: Football Magic, Buddy's New Beginning, the story of a young boy and his friend who is an "arthritis warrior" battling to live a normal life . . .  This was supposed to be the last time Buddy would have to move for a while.  At least, that's what his dad had promised when they first arrived in Salem, Massachusetts, a town still deeply rooting in its bewitching history.  Buddy doesn't ask for much: become the starting QB, make friends, always try my hardest, dream big, repeat.  He hopes that maybe he can help the school's team make it to the league championships.  When he discovers an old football and a mysterious spell book, things in Salem get downright magical.  Being the new kid isn't easy, but will Buddy finally learn what it means to belong to a team?


running of the bullsSigned copies available of JOYCE PRINCE'S, book, Running of the Bulls El encierro.  The Running of the Bulls happens in Pamplona, Spain every July. LINK TO MORE INFO.

In the Midst of the Sea by Sean Padraic McCarthySigned copies available of Sean Padraic McCarthy's new novel, In the Midst of the Sea, a gripping novel of psychological realism and paranormal invasion set on Martha's Vineyard inspired by the ghost culture of Martha's Vineyard and the craze for spiritualism in 19th century Massachusetts. 

Signed books available: Yin-Yang Sisters and the Dragon Frightful by Nancy Tupper Ling 

Yin Yang Sisters and teh Dragon Frightful book coverCan two sisters conquer the dragon who terrorizes their village? The villagers of Woo are supremely inconvenienced by an ornery dragon who takes up residence across a bridge that connects their homes to the market. That same day, the Lee twins are born, one as fierce as the other is mild. Their auntie predicts that, like yin and yang, the two will be stronger together and defeat the dragon.


Coincidental Destiny by Bill ArientiSIGNED COPIES OF BILL ARIENTI'S newest book, Coincidental Destiny, Living With Cancer and Refusing To Die From It, a poignant book about living a full life in spite of overwhelming challenges and adversities NOW AVAILABLE.  This memoir chronicles five journeys that travel from tragedy to triumph illustrating the power of the human spirit.
LINK to more info.

Author Bridget Hart-Kenney and her Dad Joseph Michael Hart recently visitied and signed their young adult/adult book: Papa's Past  -- stories Joseph shared with Bridget about growing up in the Boston area in the 1930-1940's.

Author Bridget Hart-Kenney and her Dad Joseph Michael Hart recently visited Storybook Cove


Papa's Past is an emotional story of Joseph Michael Hart's childhood life, told through two sets of eyes, his and his daughter's. After he became sick with pneumonia, Bridget knew his stories had to be written down and told before they were lost forever. She treasures these stories of his adventures as a city-going "Huckleberry Finn".  As you read Papa's Past, we hope it inspires you to go out and tell the world your own story!
Everyone has a story to tell…. so start telling YOURS!

Perfect Strangers by Roseann Sdoia Dream Big by Dave McGillivray with Nancy Feehrer book cover Perfect Strangers: Friendship, Strenght, and Recovery After Boston's Worst Day by Roseann Sdoia 


Dream Big: A True Story of Courage and Determination by Nancy Feehrer, collaborating author and Dave McGillivray (Boston Marathon race director, athlete, entrepreneur, speaker and philanthropis