Local Author, Chris Casavant was recently at Storybook Cove reading, discussing and signing his middle grade novel, The Greatest Cause of Mia Dubois.

Chris Casavant is a sixth-grade social studies teacher in Marshfield, Massachusetts. At his school, he runs a club for students who want to learn and act on climate-related issues. Before becoming a teacher, his career was in writing, first as a sports journalist and columnist, then as a writer in the business world.

Inspired by by the work of journalists and scientists who have written extensively about climate change, his daughters, and his students who want to learn and act on climate-related issues, Chris has written an engaging novel told from 12-year old Mia's perspective.  1000's of miles from home, she learns about climate change and climate justice, organizing, friendship and most importantly she learns that the choice of an individual can make a real difference when she works hard and is dedicated to a cause.

Chris grew up in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. He received Bachelor’s degrees in history and journalism from the University of Connecticut, and a Master’s degree in history from Chicago State University. He lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts, with his wife Vanessa, who is a child psychologist, and his two daughters, Rachel and Samantha.

The Greatest Cause of Mia Dubois Cover Image

The Greatest Cause of Mia Dubois (Paperback)

By Chris Casavant


ISBN: 9781737801955

Amy C Martin book signingAll Will Be Well by Amy C MartinAmy C. Martin recently visited Storybook Cove to sign copies of her book, All Will Be Well, her timely hsitorical fiction novel telling the story of the real experiences of early colonial settlers. LINK to details.
Mary Chilton WinslowJanet's pick recently was "Mary Chilton Winslow: Survivor of the Mayflower Voyage" by the author, Joyce A. Prince , a descendant of Mary Chilton, and the illustrator, Tara L. Harvey. This nonfiction book about Mary Chilton Winslow is an account of what life was like on a crowded small ship in 1820. Many people died on the ship, her father, and during that first year in America, her mother, but Mary survived. The book starts with her birth in England, life in Holland, and her voyage at 13 years old on the Mayflower. It ends with her death in Boston after marrying John Winslow and having 10 children, 9 who survived. LINK to more info.

eye of the storm book coverAuthor Kevin Symmons entertained the buyers of his books.Out of the storm book coverKevin V. Symmons. a traditionally published author of 5 novels of life, romance and suspense recently visited Storybook Cove. Check out his books including Out of the Storm, a contemporary romantic thriller set on Cape Cod, and its stand-alone sequel Eye of the Storm, his most recent novel. LINK to details   

Kim DiLoreto book signingMac Goes Back to School book signing  back to school with mac

Norwell Resident Kim DiLoreto recently read and signed her picture book, Back to School With Mac. Signed copies available. LINK to info.

 Kathryn Brewster Haueisen, the author of Mayflower Chronicles: The Tale of Two Cities (historical fiction novel) and Elizabeth B. Splaine, the author of Devil's Grace (a tense thriller) and Blind Knowledge (a murder mystery) were recently at Storybook Cove.
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It's a Beautiful Day to Save LivesBrett MillerBrett Miller was recently at Storybook Cove signing this INSPIRATIONAL BIOGRAPHY.  
Signed copies available.
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The highly anticipated poetic memoir and debut solo book of bestselling inspirational  contributing author Isabella Rose...
LINK to info -- about recent Book Signing by Isabella Rose. We have signed copies available in store.


We enjoy featuring LOCAL author/illustrators at Storybook Cove. We have signed books by many of them -- call us at 781-826-6060 for current availability.

BRIDGET HART-KENNEY  is a self-published author and a kindergarten teacher. She is a New England author who loves the ocean, her family and friends, and her dog Casper

She wants to inspire her students to pursue their dreams. She is the author of the mathematics anthology for young children called The Kingdom of Mathematicm. Her love of writing began as a young student who was encouraged by her family and her teachers. She is the co-author of the memoir of her father's life, called Papa's Past.  She is also the author of Papa Paint Me A Picture which features paintings by her father Joseph M. Hart and which is a heartwarming story of a grandfather's love revealed through his use of beautiful and bold colors on every page. The rhyme and repetition of each line, is great for early readers to read over and over again with their families! Fianlly, she is the author of  The Doodle Tail Dog Tale, the heartwarming story of how a dog named Casper Kenney brought love and joy to his family and to the world.

The Report of mr. Charles Aalmers and other stories by Matthew PungitoreMatthew Pungitore
We have signed books by Matthew Pungitore
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The Farmer's Promise

The Farmer's Promise by Elaine Kiklis, illustrated by Abby Sullivan.  $10.00
Do you believe in magic? Farmer Logan has a wonderful farm. But he still has a wish! And only magic can make it come true.
Elaine Kiklis has always enjoyed sharing the joy of story telling with her three children and seven grandchildren. She had learned while studying to become a nurse just how important principles of kindness and love are. Abby Sullivan is a senior at Scituate High School and has been drawing her entire life. Storytelling through images comes much more naturally than writing, so illustration was a logical path for her to follow. 


Max the Bear by James Jodice


Max the Bear by James Jodice   $16.95
In this charming tale, Christopher finds himself lost in the freezing Northern woods during a game of hide-and-seek. To stay warm and make it safely home, he forms an unconventional friendship with a bear who is familiar with outdoor survival.

Legend of the Chocolate Cow by Frank DeGiacomo  $9
Where did chocolate milk come from?  Did it come from chocolate cows since regular cows made plain milk?  Where did the chocolate cows live?  What happened to the chocolate cows?  Is chocolate milk still made from chocolate cows?  The answers are here!

The Creative Table Cookbook by Michelle M. McGrath   $28.00
The Creative Table is an artistic culinary chronicle brimming with satisfying, colorful dishes that fortify the soul.  In search of inspired recipes that are memorable, flavorful and unique? From her cozy New England kitchen to your table, artistic home cook Michelle McGrath shares her curated collection of 60+ beloved recipes that nourish and gather friends and family.  Discover innovative takes on beloved classics, like Chicken Saltimprese, or explore decadent desserts with Salted Cappuccino Blondies. Crafted to inspire and captivate, this eclectic recipe collection showcases fresh ingredients and comforting flavors.


Sean StellatoSIGNED COPIES AVAILABLE  OF SEAN STELLATO'S novel for upper elementary and middle school students, Football Magic: Buddy's New Beginning.  

Stellato describes his book as “Friday Night Lights meets Harry Potter, with a sprinkle of ballet tossed in.”

The book has been endorsed by several prominent people in the world of sports including Bill Belichick, Sean Payton, Jon Gruden, Andre Reid, Doug Flutie, Mike Eruzione, Vinny Testaverde and John Harbaugh. The book has also been endorsed by the Boston Ballet and Dr. Wayne Klein of Spaulding Rehabilitation, a clinical neuro-psychologist, and Julie Foudy, who played Team USA women’s soccer with Mia Hamm in the ‘90’s.. .

Sean is dedicating this new children's book series to his 12 year old daughter Gianna, who was recently diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis and Lupus.

The first installment is titled: Football Magic, Buddy's New Beginning, the story of a young boy and his friend who is an "arthritis warrior" battling to live a normal life . . .  This was supposed to be the last time Buddy would have to move for a while.  At least, that's what his dad had promised when they first arrived in Salem, Massachusetts, a town still deeply rooting in its bewitching history.  Buddy doesn't ask for much: become the starting QB, make friends, always try my hardest, dream big, repeat.  He hopes that maybe he can help the school's team make it to the league championships.  When he discovers an old football and a mysterious spell book, things in Salem get downright magical.  Being the new kid isn't easy, but will Buddy finally learn what it means to belong to a team?

Coincidental Destiny by Bill ArientiSIGNED COPIES OF BILL ARIENTI'S newest book, Coincidental Destiny, Living With Cancer and Refusing To Die From It, a poignant book about living a full life in spite of overwhelming challenges and adversities NOW AVAILABLE.  This memoir chronicles five journeys that travel from tragedy to triumph illustrating the power of the human spirit.
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