The American Century Thesaurus (Mass Market)

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The Best Way to Find the Right Word! Compiled by the eminent lexicographer Laurence Urdang and drawn from the unabridged hardcover edition published by Oxford University Press, The American Century Thesaurus is the most authoritative and easy-to-use synonym finder available. Unlike other books that are indexed by concept, its simple A-to-Z organization allows immediate access to word choices, as well as other useful information and cross-referencing. Just look up the word the way you would in a dictionary... * Synonyms are grouped according to shade of meaning-making it easy to quickly locate the terms you want. * "Bubbles" (degree marks) indicate other words that have their own listings-making it easy to find related terms quickly. * Italic labels indicate whether a word is colloquial, slang, taboo, archaic, old-fashioned, technical, or literary-making it easy to choose synonyms accurately and precisely.

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ISBN: 9780446601221
ISBN-10: 0446601225
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: August 1st, 1996
Pages: 528
Language: English