Waving at the Moon (Paperback)

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How much would you risk to gain your freedom?

In a post-apocalyptic world, Evie French has just turned seventeen. She and her cousin, Marcus Peters, sixteen, struggle to survive after being left alone in their parent's bed-and-breakfast hotel in outback Australia. An endless drought has killed Evie's father's avocado trees and all the surrounding habitation. Nothing grows in the fetid soil. Hope comes in the form of a nineteen-year-old boy, Joel Pitt. He arrives on his motorbike with his dog, Rasputin, bringing supplies. He climbs the tallest tree on the crest of the hill and locates an area of green down along the coast, hundreds of miles away. The three pile onto the bike, with Marcus and Rasputin in the sidecar, and embark on a trip that will take them over mountainous terrain with a limited supply of food and water. What might they find if they reach the coast? Will other people have survived the devastation? And who bombed their country? No one seems to know.
Genre: Teen, Sci-Fi / Fantasy, Dystopian world

Reviewed by: ReaderGirl
Evie French and her cousin Marcus Peters, live together at their parents' bed-and breakfast in Australia after most of the country has been destroyed. No one knows for sure what has really happened. When Joel and his dog find their way to the bed and breakfast the three of them head towards a spot of green in a sea of gray. It's a long way down the coast. They find their way to Paradise, a city made up of survivors, led by Abe. Evie, Marcus, and Joel don't agree with all of his rules, but they must abide by them for the moment. But as time goes on, the three start to feel worse about what is going on in Paradise.
I couldn't stop reading "Waving at the Moon" by Maggi Andersen until I had finished it all. I enjoyed reading about their journey, their struggles in Paradise, and their dilemma about what to do. This would easily be the first book in a great series. I will be anxiously awaiting Maggi Andersen's book. Those who enjoy post-apocalyptic fiction, and those who just enjoy a good action book will want to pick up "Waving at the Moon."

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ISBN: 9780648293149
ISBN-10: 0648293149
Publisher: Margaret Coleman
Publication Date: May 4th, 2018
Pages: 130
Language: English