Ghost Box: Voices from Spirits, Ets, Shadow People & Other Astral Beings (Paperback)

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The Ghost Box: A Device of Fascination and Fear

Discover the mind-blowing, bone-chilling stories of a leading investigator as he pioneers the use of this intriguing tool

Chris Moon was the first investigator to use the celebrated device known as the ghost box to facilitate real-time, two-way communication with the spirit world. In Ghost Box, Chris shares the extraordinary spiritual contacts he's made with the box during investigations of famous haunted locations such as the Sallie House and the Lizzie Borden House. Also revealed in this amazing book are Chris's experiences using the box to communicate with the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, JFK assassination witnesses, shadow people, and the spirits who come through during his frequent gallery readings.

Based on Thomas Edison's designs for the Telephone to the Dead, this device--also called Frank's Box in honor of its designer Frank Sumption--has been used to communicate with an incredible variety of spirits and astral beings. This book shares the fascinating story of how Frank's Box came to be and explores the startling truths of the spirit world.

T]his book will please fans of ghost-hunting stories.--Publishers Weekly

About the Author

Chris Moon is a renowned physical and electronic psychic medium, paranormal researcher, educator, and speaker. He was the first paranormal researcher to use the infamous Frank's Box, a device designed to facilitate two-way, real-time communication between the living and the dead. Chris has appeared on numerous national television programs such as Paranormal State, Ghost Adventures, Door to the Dead, and Most Extreme Places to Stay--The Lizzie Borden House, the Today show, and many more. Chris has also been featured in newspapers around the globe including the Los Angeles Times, and has been interviewed on numerous radio shows including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. Chris was founder and lead writer and editor for Haunted Times magazine, which was voted the largest and best paranormal magazine in the world by the International Paranormal Acknowledgement Committee. He is a fixture at various metaphysical and paranormal conventions around the United States and Canada, and speaks at several college campuses around the country every year, lecturing on his paranormal and spirit communication research and techniques and providing positive evidence, as well as interactive gallery readings and paranormal investigations using the Spirit Telephone. Chris lives in Louisville, Colorado, and can be found online at "Momma" Moon is a psychic intuitive who's had a life-long interest in exploring the mysteries of the spirit realm. She has appeared with Chris at thousands of college and university events around the U.S. to talk about Frank's Box and the spirit world and has investigated many infamous haunted locations. Paulette has also been seen on The ABC Family Channel show Scariest Places on Earth, in the film Chasing the Shadows, and on multiple FOX News shows in the Denver area. Paulette now travels the country with her son Christopher Moon, conducting public psychic galleries and private intuitive counseling sessions. She lives in Lonetree, Colorado, where she owns and operates Spirited Chat Entertainment.

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ISBN: 9780738751054
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Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Publication Date: August 8th, 2017
Pages: 216
Language: English