Good Night, Teddy (Rag book)

Good Night, Teddy By Francesca Ferri (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Francesca Ferri (Illustrator)
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This adorable, cloth book for baby comes with a miniature soft, pajama-clad Teddy bear that can be taken out from the bed blanket on the book's front cover. This is the cutest baby touch and feel book ever! 

Parents and gift givers will find:

  • the perfect book for entertaining babies on long car rides
  • a great book for babies when parents are busy!
  • a fun, educational toy for babies and toddlers
  • a soft, washable, cloth book
  • a special shower gift!

The seven bright illustrations on the book's pages show charming scenes that every toddler will recognize at play, at mealtime, at bath time, and more. Each illustration comes with a little pocket where Teddy can be inserted as part of the new picture. The tiny Teddy is attached to the book's spine with a ribbon, so he can't get lost. There is a cloth carrying handle on the book's spine and a Velcro tab to keep the book closed. The book and Teddy come packaged in a clear plastic carrying case.

What parents, grandparents, and teachers are saying:

  • "Too cute! Would highly recommend!"
  • "I bought this to add to my arsenal of toddler entertainment before I flew with my then 17-month-old daughter for twenty hours. Teddy, along with his family, got us through some portions of those flights when it felt like time was standing still. Teddy can sit at a table and eat a meal, brush his teeth, have a bath (with ducky) and towel off, sit on Daddy's lap for story time, give Mama a hug and then cuddle down in his bed with little teddy and go to sleep. The fact that Teddy can accomplish all this while still attached to the book is a blessing when you are in a plane or a car, so, unlike with some other toys, you don't spend time bumping your head and scrabbling around in the most undignified manner under seats while your toddler makes her disapproval known in no uncertain terms."
  • "This book is adorable and a part of our bedtime ritual. I purchased when my son was 6-month-old and he loves it. The book is colorful and bright and in a good size. The story is cute, short, and you get to move the teddy bear through each page. On each page there's a place and an activity for Him: eat dinner, brush teeth with a detachable toothbrush, take a bath in the tub with a detachable ducky and put his pajamas on, reads a book on daddy lap and gets a hug from mom, then go to bed with his own little teddy bear. The fabric is good quality and durable, I washed it gentle and dried"
  • "This is the absolute cutest soft book I have ever seen. It's excellent quality throughout and has the cleverest ways to manipulate the little bear on every page. I can't wait to give it to my grandson Teddy to read to his baby sister!"

Product Details
ISBN: 9780764125959
ISBN-10: 0764125958
Publisher: Sourcebooks Wonderland
Publication Date: August 1st, 2003
Pages: 8
Language: English