Circus: Funny Fingers (Funny Fingers Books) (Board Books)

Circus: Funny Fingers (Funny Fingers Books) By Karin Blume, Brigitte Pokornik Cover Image
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Imagine being able to join the circus without leaving home In this colorful book, children stick one, two, or even three fingers through the die-cut holes in each page, and they create the action. Their fingers become a clown's hands as he does cartwheels, a seal's flippers as it balances a ball, a monkey's feet as it swings on a trapeze, the front legs of a horse as it gallops in a circle, or a part of many other performers in the circus. There's plenty of room for silliness and inventiveness as children play each role.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780789201799
ISBN-10: 0789201798
Publisher: Abbeville Kids
Publication Date: May 1st, 1996
Pages: 16
Language: English
Series: Funny Fingers Books