The Hidden Assassin: When Clinical Lab Tests Go Awry (Paperback)

The Hidden Assassin: When Clinical Lab Tests Go Awry By Alan Hb Wu Cover Image
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People look to science to answer the most difficult of questions. Clinical lab tests are the heart of an endeavor to illuminate and provide understanding into life's most tragic pains or woes. Most people know that clinical laboratory tests conducted on blood or urine are essential to hospitals and their doctors in determining if someone is healthy or suffering from a medical problem warranting treatment. When it comes to making a medical decision about diagnosis, therapy or patient admission or discharge, our work can dramatically influence the lives of many.

"The Hidden Assassin: When clinical laboratory testing go awry" is a collection of short stories that involve the clinical laboratory and it's interaction with patient's sickness and health. Readers will get a glimpse of how clinical laboratory testing can affect our day-to-day lives. This book is a sequan to "Toxicology Because what you don't know can kill you. As with my first book, this one has it share of drama and surprise endings."

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ISBN: 9780997368666
ISBN-10: 0997368667
Publisher: Arborwood Glen, LLC
Publication Date: July 12th, 2018
Pages: 278
Language: English