Fireside Folklore of West Virginia: Vol. I (Paperback)

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Ghosts, Spirits, Legends and Dark History.Fireside Folklore of West Virginia offers up locations of reported paranormal activity, haunted buildings, spooky spirits, folklore and the legends they are born from. The Mothman, The Headless Ghost of Centralia, The West Virginia Penitentiary, UFO's, Gravestone Symbolism, Ghosts on the Battlefield, and Burnt House Haints are just a few of the locations and subjects covered in this new series by author Sherri Brake.This paranormal folklore guide is the first in a spellbinding series focusing on the state's ghost stories, legends and haunted locations. Over 170 pages feature over 100 images including photographs and old folklore woodcuts.The 24 intriguing chapters are based on Sherri Brake's popular column appearing in West Virginia's largest independent publication, Two-Lane Livin'. Each story features extra details and photographs not seen in the original columns. Dim the lights, light a candle and enjo.

About the Author

Fireside Folklore of West Virginia Vol I is the first in a new book series by author, ghost tour owner and paranormal researcher Sherri Brake. Sherri has over 25 years in the paranormal field with her pursuit of ghosts, supernatural phenomena, things that go "bump" in the night and haunted locations. (and even the occasional Bigfoot!) Her love of history grounds all of her research which is the basis for her books. Joining various historical societies was a natural for her as her love of old cemeteries, stacks of old mildewed books and vacant buildings made her salivate. Sherri was raised in the state of Ohio where 22 Cry Baby Bridges have been noted and she claims to have been to all of them. After leaving Ohio in 2009, she made her home in West Virginia among the legends of the Mothman, the Braxton County Green Monster and the Greenbriar Ghost, all keeping her good company. Sherri has consulted on various paranormal television shows on the SyFy Channel, The Discovery Channel, PBS and ABC. Her love of ghosts, spirits, haunted locations and folklore have given her a unique blend that adds to the appeal of her award winning tour company, Haunted Heartland Tours. Brake is the author of; Haunted Stark County Ohio, The Haunted History of the Ohio State Reformatory, and The Haunted History of the West Virginia Penitentiary. All books feature the haunted history of select haunted locations in America. Being a lover of folklore, Sherri's monthly column in West Virginia's Two-Lane Livin' is a favorite of many readers. The column is called Fireside Folklore and features the Mountain State's spooky and dark legends. Brake lives on Raven Rock, a 100 acre farm in central West Virginia with her husband Perry Queener and son, Mason. Their house is occasionally visited by Mr. Thomas, the coal mining ghost. Visit her website at

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