Just Johny in the Underground (Paperback)

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Living on the Circle line isn't as much fun as you might think; unless you like rat-burger and frog soup. Civil war has left London in ruins. Years ago, those who couldn't get out retreated into the Underground network, leaving London Topside to disease, packs of wild dogs, and the Scavengers. Now their children are teenagers, and the Underground has got too small for them. Guns are outlawed by the Tobies, but crews from different stations find other ways to fight for what's left. The 'Baker Street Irregulars' get badly burnt by the Paddington 'Bears', and Johny, Callum and Kitty find themselves travelling through some strange and dangerous places in a quest to find a new way of life in what remains of the city. Johny trusts himself to the Ferryman's boat, and travels down-river to fulfil a promise to his dead mother. In doing so he discovers that sometimes it's just our own Fear that keeps us hiding in the dark.

About the Author

I currently spend some of my time in West Cornwall, with my partner and her daughter, and some in the Midlands. In my free time I like to kayak in rivers and the sea. Sometimes I get paid to teach or play a bit of guitar. I spent many years teaching: A-level psychology, African drumming, car maintenance, and sex-education in schools and colleges. I also worked in pupil referral units, youth clubs, probation and in health promotion; and with disaffected boys and dyslexic university students. Before all that I was married (and divorced), co-single-parented three great kids, and ran a small, but beautifully-formed, landscape gardening business. I grew up on a chopped down BSA A65 motorbike. I've been an itinerant fruit-picker; lived at various times in a van and a 'bender'; hitch-hiked to Marrakesh; worked in an engineering factory; drven tractors; ridden with bikers; meditated with gurus; been part of a Ghanaian drum troupe; played didgeridoo on the radio, and tin whistle in an Irish pub; run a market stall; taught horticulture, canoeing, Tai chi, and Filipino martial arts; practised as a psychotherapist; and once helped put up the largest circus 'big top' in Europe! "The Adventures of Redman Red" (written under the name of Nathaniel Haynes) was really two novellas: "Trash", written in 1984; and "Rockpool" 20 years later, at the prompting of several friends who came across Trash in my loft and wanted to know what happened next. It tells the story of a group of happy-go-lucky bikers trying to get by with what dignity and integrity they can, in a world of fuel poverty and economic collapse, the remnants of which are being fought over by Corporation gangsters, Church inquisitors, artificial intelligences, and disgruntled faeries. You can find it on Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, and Kindle. Recently I've written "Just Johny in the Underground", a shorter story aimed at teens to adults. It follows three teenagers living in the remains of London Underground after civil war and disease has left 'Topside' London mostly uninhabited. It's available on Amazon on Kindle and as a paperback. There's also a group page for "Just Johny in the Underground" on Facebook.

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ISBN: 9781481294478
ISBN-10: 1481294474
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 19th, 2012
Pages: 194
Language: English