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In Wild, the second book of the Alice in Fred's Place trilogy, Rondy and her family have escaped from New Carolina and Main's unrelenting vigilance. But, with virtually no food or water and winter still upon them, survival takes precedence over the rescue of Rondy's brother and mother. When the first person they meet in the Wild is a corpse with a knife sticking out of his chest, Rondy begins to worry that escape may have been an impulsive and inappropriate path. The unlikely group must use their wits as they encounter the worst mankind has to offer and the best, sometimes in the same people. Rondy's grandmother, Amita is a physicist, a computer hacker, a lover...and 79 years old. Jake, her grandfather, is strong, in love with Amita, overprotective of his granddaughters...and 81 years old. Rondy's little sister, Emmy, is gentle, yet pragmatic, and has an unusual connection with nature...for an 8-year-old child. Jack, gorgeous, fearless, and powerful, joins the group. But he's a dog. Bear finally arrives. While Rondy expected this to make her happy, she finds that nothing, including her friendship with Bear, is easy. An encounter with a murderous trio leaves Rondy wounded in body but strengthens her resolve. An unfortunate experience with worms on a fishing expedition turns her into an expert hunter. The group is captured by a primitive mountain man and invited to join a polite Christian settlement, but the experiences leave them questioning what it means to be civilized. And as Rondy discovers her own weaknesses and strengths, she is shocked to find herself falling in love with Bear. This is a dystopian novel replete with danger and adventure, humor, and, woven gently throughout, a love story. It is not a book about good vs. evil but rather an exploration into all aspects of what makes us human.

About the Author

Elizabeth Drake grew up in New York City and spent her adult life avoiding big cities. She now resides in Gainesville, Florida with various animals including two rescued bunnies who have free run of the house. She teaches Computer Programming and has published textbooks on programming logic and Internet programming but writes young adult fiction because... well, because she loves to do it.

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ISBN: 9781508677581
ISBN-10: 1508677581
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 2nd, 2015
Pages: 300
Language: English