Haunted Liverpool 26 (Paperback)

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Welcome to the twenty-sixth volume in the legendary Haunted Liverpool series of books from cult writer Tom Slemen. Haunted Liverpool 26 will challenge your most basic perceptions about the universe you live in, and undermine your assumptions about reality itself. Liverpool and the North West of England is teeming with ghosts, witches, fallen angels, timeslips, test-tube supermen, weird reptilian humanoids, and some of the weirdest and most nightmarish apparitions in the paranormal sphere. Tom Slemen once again takes us on a terrifying rollercoaster ride through of the unknown, to places that most explorers of the supernatural have not even perceived yet. Read this book and be prepared to encounter: * The demonic entity which stalked a woman for years, and even raped her and her friend in front of people - as well as trying to murder her boyfriend... * The horrifying story of the weird blue flame which comes in the night to kill children... * The security guard who was cursed with the ability to see the death of every person he looked at... * The sinister nuisance caller who menaced an entire community by threatening to reveal everyone's darkest secrets...who was he and how did he have such knowledge? * The bizarre case of the man who found Death's list of people due to die...and discovered his own name was included on that list... * The incredible tale of the Liverpool woman from the 1980s who had an affair with a Teddy Boy from the 1950s... * The terrifying stories of the Black Angel - a mysterious statue in a Liverpool cemetery which was said to be a demon in disguise... * The deadly locket that could kill...what was it doing in a Liverpool thrift store? * Featherfingers - the creepy ghostly clown who has haunted an Old Swan park for over a century - and has now become active again... * The bizarre child-snatching entity that entices children into washing machines - who is he? * The secret enigmatic city between the French and Spanish Pyrenees called Taured which was accidentally revealed to two Liverpool people flying to Alicante in 1971... * The incredible Green Jackets - scientifically-conditioned criminals who developed superhuman powers as part of a disastrous military programme to create the ultimate soldier... These are just some of the fifty unearthly tales in this astounding, terrifying and thought-provoking book.

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ISBN: 9781514717158
ISBN-10: 1514717158
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 26th, 2015
Pages: 490
Language: English