Awakening Of A Seer (Paperback)

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My name is Rick Waid, and I am a seer. My gifts started after my obsession with the paranormal. I began seeing things I would encounter on my job site hours later. This led me to many paranormal and psychic forums. I started reading people from around the world with direct connect information about them or their passed loved one. My abilities grew to be able to connect with past lives and picture readings. I had many helpers along my path that showed me the direction I needed to take. I started helping on missing person cases and I joined a psychic network. I later joined Facebook where my gifts grew stronger. I started a radio show where I helped many with their life issues or passed loved one. Many started inviting me to their paranormal conferences. I found out by using my gifts I could give them insight about their haunted location.Reading people can be harmful to you if you do not know how to release the energy you are taking on. Use caution and join others that have been in your shoes. This is not meant to be a game where you just throw information out to people. We have to value what is being given to us from God. It took me years to understand the importance of the information that was being passed down to me. Through trial and error I learned to be confident with the information I am offering to people.

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ISBN: 9781517256623
ISBN-10: 1517256623
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 7th, 2015
Pages: 168
Language: English