The Secret Citizen (Paperback)

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Question the lies. Suffer the consequences.A riot has shaken the city. Every citizen is on edge, waiting for what comes next. It was a night of unprecedented violence. A night of enemies showing their true faces. Of lives lost. Of soldiers born.Attempting to make her way through the chaos and return to the Garden, Rose is confronted by a brutal attacker. In her struggle to preserve her own life, she will bring the lies of the authorities closer to home than ever before. The events of that night could cost Rose everything that she has ever loved, and free her to become everything that she was always meant to be.When the sun rises over the city, it is impossible for life to return to normal. The infamous Collin Powers is once again free, but the world he steps into is not the world he once knew. The people of Freedom are looking to him for answers and inspiration, and he is left hoping that they don't see him for the broken mess that he fears he has become.Returning to school, all eyes are on Justin. He was the best friend of two known terrorists. People suspect what he really is, but they have no way of proving it. Everything that has happened since Uly's death is beginning to wear him down. People are waiting for him to stumble and fall. They see him as broken. As weak. And weakness could get him killed.

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ISBN: 9781539726234
ISBN-10: 1539726231
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 4th, 2016
Pages: 472
Language: English