The Blessing of Babies (Paperback)

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Don't miss out on a single moment of the Glover family saga in this bridge story linking Ward and Judge's love stories

The Glovers love God, country, dogs, horses, and family. Not necessarily in that order.;)

Many of them are married now, with babies on the way, and there are lessons to be learned, forgiveness to be had and given, and new names coming to the family tree in southern Three Rivers

Willa, Holly Ann, Montana, and Zona all have babies coming, one right after the other in the first four months of the year. What will their names be? How will the deliveries go? Will Zona really be able to mother her baby girl when she wishes it was a boy? Not only that, but who will Etta meet on the dating app she's secretly been using? Can Ida really handle being a new mother to twins while her busy policeman husband goes back to work?

Dot's having second thoughts about literally everything, and Libby Bellamore actually gives away a kiss to a man she's sure will break her heart...Charlie has to get out of her comfort zone now that she's a full-time Glover on the ranch, and both Sammy and Oakley are already thinking about having yet another baby...

Then there's June. Oh, June, who has so many feelings for Judge. She's also made promises to herself and her daughter she doesn't want to break, and she's got that super successful Internet business to run. Can she ever find a way to spend time with the cowboy who's been waiting for her for so long?

Don't miss a moment of ranch life at Shiloh Ridge

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ISBN: 9781638760184
ISBN-10: 1638760187
Publisher: Aej Creative Works
Publication Date: June 9th, 2021
Pages: 298
Language: English