Simian's Way: A Terminus Series Novel (Paperback)

Simian's Way: A Terminus Series Novel By Stephen Donald Huff Cover Image
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Simian Wynwood opened "Simian's Gate" by recording first contact with alien intelligence. This alien broadcast delivered the so-called SETI-Store, which remained in an incomprehensible state until a young savant used outmoded analog processing equipment to decode it all in a weekend.

After he freely released his groundbreaking switch into the public domain on Sunday, "Bright Monday" quickly followed. Interest exploded. Within weeks, technophiles all over the world began producing countless "inventions" from automated "black-box" factories. Civilization rapidly changed. Renewable energy, resolved. Global pollution, remediated. Cancer, cured.

Eighteen months later, six-and-a-half billion people lay withered in death, victims of a technological Trojan horse and all murdered at the hands of family, friends and neighbors. In the aftermath, survivors divide, hunter and hunted. Extinction looms. No one will survive Simian's Way unscathed.

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ISBN: 9781687022943
ISBN-10: 1687022941
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 17th, 2019
Pages: 258
Language: English
Series: Terminus