Lodestar: A Terminus Series Novel (Paperback)

Lodestar: A Terminus Series Novel By Stephen Donald Huff Cover Image
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Portentously born, his is a dark history of shining nobility and blazing empire. His heritage long since withered pitifully beneath shadows of boastful legend and shades of neglectful disregard, he will claim the familial patriarchy many years before his dying grandfather can fully prepare him for its dangers and demands.

Upon ascension and despite his lack of an inherited powerbase, he must somehow regenerate neglected family fortunes or perish violently with his bloodline. Throughout these travails, ominous and disturbing, a mysterious female specter will stalk his childhood with all the steadfast tenacity of a luminous moonshine shadow, her wicked smile the promise of all things impending and evil. Indeed, few of his family's ancient allies forecast his success, while formidable alien adversaries collect in the old man's wake the way sharks will trail a desperate, dying leviathan through cold, uncaring seas.

His reign will begin as it must end, with violence and a vast letting of blood. Between these mortal bookends of his life, expect a torrential flood of gore, all of it bound to follow the swell of a first, single drop.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781720120599
ISBN-10: 1720120595
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 6th, 2018
Pages: 332
Language: English
Series: Terminus