Steamline (Paperback)

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Born with a crooked back, a crooked leg, and a crooked smile, Peko is sixteen, parentless, and outcast. He lives among a dying tribe atop a high mountain burned by a scorching sun. His vicious uncle, a tribal elder, has abused him since his mother's death. As the tribe's rite of passage-the first hunt-looms, Elder vows to exile Peko into the steam jungle and certain death. In the days leading up to the hunt, Peko glimpses something in the steam-a ghost? A spirit? A demon? When he, at last, enters the steam alone, he must confront the mysteries surrounding his life: How did his father die? Why does his uncle hate him? What is the spirit in the steam? Along with a handful of others, he must find his answers in the toxic mist that surrounds the mountain-or die trying. Inside the steam, you hunt...and are hunted. Inside the steam, you eat...and are eaten. Inside the steam, you live...and die. Inside the steam, you find mysteries...and answers.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781732721210
ISBN-10: 1732721211
Publisher: Written & Spoken Books
Publication Date: August 5th, 2019
Pages: 234
Language: English