Below the Dome (Paperback)

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"Stories are never just stories. Stories come from somewhere true, even if they themselves are not."

Mighty men battling monstrous ghouls, Prophets becoming Kings, villages becoming great cities; stories Katchan knows all too well. His Grandma, Maggaline, pounded them into his head since he was small, not that he cares. Those stories aren't true. They can't be true. But there was one she held back and never told. Not until the end of her life, anyways. When Katchan reveals to the Village Elder that Maggaline left an indecipherable story and an ancient red rock, he must run for his life. Chased out of the only life he has ever known, Katchan faces an empty desert in a desperate search for his only possible salvation. A new village. The village Below the Dome. A place where life is sustained by the fading sunlight of the evening. What he finds instead are the relics of an ancient past, men of memory who are lost in time, and a quest no one would ever believe. Who knew stories could be so dangerous? Follow Katchan through a dusty wilderness as he seeks the truth of the mysterious red rock and the last story Maggaline told that forces him to reconsider everything that he values.

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ISBN: 9781735900711
ISBN-10: 1735900710
Publisher: Stephen Arnold
Publication Date: October 24th, 2020
Pages: 156
Language: English