Monstergami (Hardcover)

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18 "monstrous" origami projects for folders of all experience.

This book presents 18 projects to create monsters of all kinds and sizes. The book opens with an introduction (or review, for experienced folders) of the basic folds.

The brightly colored monsters are shown step by step with folds displayed clearly on the page, complete with directional arrows. Easy-to-follow text instructions offer extra help.

The monsters are:

  • Imp
  • Beaky
  • Proto
  • Fierce
  • Manix
  • Googal
  • Panix
  • Fergal
  • Rubix
  • Trio
  • Taurus
  • Totem
  • Sea Sprite
  • Demon King
  • Toothsome
  • Demon Queen
  • Fangster
  • Sky Sprite.

The monsters begin with simple folds, and become more complex further into the book. They can also be modified with extra body pieces, or the heads can be mixed and matched, to make no end of creatures. With 18 basic monsters to make, Monstergami is packed with fun activities to occupy active minds and idle fingers.

About the Author

David Mitchell has been a freelance author specializing in books about aspects of origami and paperfolding since 1997. He first became interested in origami in 1962 at the age of ten and has remained an enthusiast ever since. He has a wide and detailed knowledge of the traditional roots of origami and of its modern developments and applications, and has developed a style of diagramming that makes origami easily accessible to beginners and aficionados alike.

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ISBN: 9781770854093
ISBN-10: 1770854096
Publisher: Firefly Books
Publication Date: October 17th, 2014
Pages: 96
Language: English