Terminus I - III (Conquest): A Terminus Series Compendium (Paperback)

Terminus I - III (Conquest): A Terminus Series Compendium By Stephen Donald Huff Cover Image
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Terminus I - III (Conquest) is a Terminus Series Compendium containing the third trilogy of the series. This special edition contains three complete novels; Terminus, Terminus II (Control) and Terminus III (The Wild Bunch).

Terminus Part I: Civilization deconstructed itself like a riot in a madhouse. One minute it all functioned with a standard sort of craziness, and the next it devolved into ten billion psychotic inmates at each other's throats like suddenly sprung animals. In the aftermath, a handful of guilt-wracked holdouts stumble onto a terrible secret. They discover the cause of the catastrophe, but the answers they find only beg further questions. To learn the final truth and save their species, they must cross a blood-soaked wasteland, where they confront and overcome hordes of crazed lunatics and ravenous chimeras to investigate the long-standing enigma we call "Area-51". Post-apocalyptic revenge is sweet

Terminus Part II (Control): Enter Deacon, like a sable crow, this rover appears in the Village during late fall with strange tales of enslaved children and alien invasions. Though they resist Deacon's enticement, a handful of desperate survivors will uncover many unsettling truths about the past, present and future of their species. Most startling of all, they will discover why their thoughts are not their own when influenced by the piper's song of yet another broadcast Terminus Signal.

Terminus Part III (The Wild Bunch): Irrepressibly driven by a violent, indomitable desire for revenge, these desperate survivors now stand poised before hades gates, which swing wide at the bottom of an alien spaceport buried beneath Earth's southern pole. Here, the United States Government long ago built its abandoned Amundsen-Scott Base, where they will discover a new source of power long hidden inside the primitive human mind. Consequently, the cosmos may never recover from an Earth-bound exposure to The Wild Bunch.

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