Unnatural Ends (Paperback)

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"Delightfully twisty and chilling all at once -- murder mysteries are rarely this fun." --Jonathan Whitelaw, The Sun

Sir Lawrence Linwood is dead. More accurately, he was murdered--savagely beaten to death in his own study with a mediaeval mace. The murder calls home his three adopted children: Alan, an archeologist; Roger, an engineer; and Caroline, a journalist. But his heirs soon find that his last testament contains a strange proviso--that his estate shall go to the heir who solves his murder.

To secure their future, each Linwood heir must now dig into the past. As their suspicion mounts--of each other and of peculiar strangers in the churchless town of Linwood Hollow--they come to suspect that the perpetrator lurks in the mysterious origins of their own birth.

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ISBN: 9781950301065
ISBN-10: 1950301060
Publisher: Inkshares
Publication Date: June 20th, 2023
Pages: 402
Language: English