The Pact (Paperback)

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Author and teacher Tom Durwood's new installment of richly illustrated historical fiction, The Illustrated Colonials, brings us an unconventional look at the American Revolution. Six wealthy kids from around the globe join the Bostonian cause, finding love and treachery along the path to liberty in three successive novellas of global empirical literature.


Our six young protagonists arrive at an unusual school in the Alsace forest in the northern lowlands of the French Alps: Will O., betrayed by his family of Dutch traders, is the youngest of the company and may hold the secret to Colonial victory across the Atlantic. Gilbert, the dashing and cynical French Dragoon is seeking purpose in a greater cause. They are joined by China's moody and unpredictable Grand Canal princess, Jiayi Mei Ying, and Sheyndil, a young farm girl on mission for Catherine the Great of Russia. Leo, a wayward Baron-to-be, and Prince Mahmoud of the Ottoman empire round out the motley crew.

Together, this lively band finds purpose in harsh lessons learned in the unprecedented global events surrounding the American Revolutionary War. They find resolve in one another, and the 'Colonials' will need all their resources to face the gathering threat from a nest of monarchists.

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ISBN: 9781952520150
ISBN-10: 1952520150
Publisher: Empire Studies Press
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2021
Pages: 122
Language: English