Don't Hurt Me With Brutality (Paperback)

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This book is fictional story told through the mouth of a young Black boy aged 9 who lives in the inner city in America. He pleads with his community and the police to stop the brutality. The Black on Black crime needs to end. So many children can't be children, and parents can't let their children go outside to play any longer because of these issues in our communities. He pleads for the fighting, and the killings to stop. Unjust police brutality has now become a televised outrage for all to see, young and old. This epidemic stems from years of brutality going back to slavery for those of color. We as a people have endured and suffered violence for centuries. This is a travesty that so many of our youth have witness these unmerited and unrighteous acts of hatred from those in authority who took an oath to protect the people, but instead had does the contrary. This isn't to say "all cops" are bad people. However, we know that these malicious attacks on people of color didn't just begin, but they're now readily available for all to see due to the technology of cell phones. Please, please stop the killings, Craig pleads.Parental discretion is advised. This books is directed towards "at risk," youth suffering from violence, and perhaps most living in the inner city youth who've had to deal with adult issues, and had to deal with some extremely hard and traumatic issues. All may not be able to read, nor understand the nature or intensity of this book. Use discretion.Che'ri Humphrey, M.Ed.DITR...Finding The Spirit In Me PO Box 13, Norwalk, CT 06852(203) www.ditrfindingthespiritinme.orgCity of Stamford Website under Youth Services (coming) or clhumphrey@rocketmail.comSquare Cash at$DitrCopyrights (c) 2017 All Rights Reserved Parental discretion is advised. For ages 7 & up depending on the discretion of the parent. It entails sensitive issues, and content that may or may not be offensive.

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Publication Date: July 21st, 2017
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