White Mind: I Won't Say Goodbye (Paperback)

White Mind: I Won't Say Goodbye Cover Image
By Emma Stallings (Illustrator), Emma Stallings
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Power is a dangerous game in the hands of those who abuse it. In a world, where freedom is a wish, for those who have the mind to dream it. In order to make Fairden a perfect society, the government has taken it upon themselves, to send those thirteen, to nineteen, to a brainwashing camp, by fellow acquaintances vote. There, they will undertake a series of tests. fail the tests and they will be executed by the nations more notorious killer, Danni, who has the will to kill at any time and escape unnoticed.. Elise had been locked in the iron mines ever since the bombing took place and killed her parents ten years ago. Her main focus is making it out alive, but what happens, when she meets a sly stranger, who makes her fight to loose?

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ISBN: 9781980975113
ISBN-10: 1980975116
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 20th, 2018
Pages: 180
Language: English