Roachkind (Paperback)

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By Christina Carter (Editor), Christina Carter (Foreword by), Christina Carter (Illustrator)
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Welcome to the roach-inherited world.
Thousands of years in the future, a calamity of disputed origin leads every human, as well as most living beings, to extinction. The apparent exception to nature's fate is the upright walkin, ' seein, ' hearin, ' and speaking species of the now world-dominant Roachkind.
Among the sea of newly apexed roaches is Able. He's a young roach grappling with the idea of the planet being just as good with or without most living beings. Helped by best friend Raymon and "Special" powered Jane Doe, Able must contend with the Nation of Self-Aware Machine (NOSAM) infesting Roachkind. Able also struggles with his hoped-for reconciliation with his lost-in-life younger brother Robin "Hoody." As well as searching for why he feels like the only roach capable of surviving Roachkind absurdity.
Will Able be able to keep survivin' with his head on straight? Or will roaches like the ever-controlling Rodmanville grasp the center of it all first? Our roach-inherited world is satirical, centerless, and full of centers at its absurd, absolute core.
Long live Roachkind.

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ISBN: 9798461912208
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2021
Pages: 290
Language: English