Nirvana of light (Paperback)

Nirvana of light By Maika Etxarri Yábar (Translator), Maika Etxarri Yábar (Photographer), Maika Etxarri Yábar (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Maika Etxarri Yábar (Translator), Maika Etxarri Yábar (Photographer), Maika Etxarri Yábar (Illustrator)
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There aren't coincidences; there're synchronisations as expressed by Carl Gustav Jung. Things don't happen by chance, there's a perfect harmony in the universe. Synchronicity is one of the most enigmatic and surprising of this macro-universe. The synchronizations are connected to each other. These are intangible ilations or invisible parallels, very significant, that don't share time or space; synchronized facts, even if they occur in different time. They're diverse imperceptible realities that intersect and interweave subtle, unimaginably small threads, of connections between people and other worlds or realities.

In the Buddha-tradition or network of Indra, the universe is an infinite network of thin ropes of silk that expands and presents, at each intersection, a pearl that reflects the others like a mirror. There are subtle connections between each of the atoms of the universe. The creative cosmic energy, the Shakti, connect everything, even the earthly and the etheric.

Each person that we find and cross in our life is a possible teacher, a healing reflex, which helps us to learn and to be really conscious of all of our attachments, desires and internal clinging. That teacher teaches us, precisely what we must correct in our path of life.

According to the theory of the synchronizations of Carl Gustav Jung, human desires travel of the conscious mind to the subconscious and there, passed to the collective unconscious, the library, the conscience of humanity or universal memory. This universal memory is transgenerationally transmitted as an invisible network of creative energy. A force of the driving soul, a force of attraction can unleash the synchronizations; in these you can feel the spiritual, the information field of the subtle body, the connections between the particles of the universal soul. In this universal soul, we can see our own inner selves reflected like a mirror.

A sensitive person, who opens his field of perception to signals, messages and dreams, can find these connections and interpret them; can receive information from that subtle field where universal collective memory and ancestral memory inhabit. A sensitive person able of discovering the special beauty, courage and harmonious perfection of the cosmos can create beautiful works of art through this source of universal inspiration.

If we learn to uncover that imperceptible veil, which covers the essence of the original truth, the fog that prevents us from evolving and awakening to the other reality, to the other dimensional plane, will disappear. The human being is evolving, is awakening from this immense slumber in which has been locked up for thousands of years. It's a transmutation to a higher level; an evolution of the mind and the spirit in the light of a new awakening to other vibrational wave.

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