My Girlfriend Tried to Eat Me: When Everyone You Love Forgets How to Be Human (Paperback)

My Girlfriend Tried to Eat Me: When Everyone You Love Forgets How to Be Human Cover Image
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MY GIRLFRIEND TRIED TO EAT ME is a story about a teenager living alone in a world full of people transformed into disturbing bipolar creatures, robotic and unintelligent until hungry and then animalistic and tireless until fed. This book explores human emotion and resilience in the face of frightening and seemingly insurmountable trials. It will appeal to readers who want to explore how to overcome loneliness, endure terrifying life circumstances, make excruciatingly difficult moral decisions, and even smile and laugh once in a while.

Rowley is a seventeen-year-old boy filled with passion for his amazing life, including a great job, a happy family, and a fantastic girlfriend. Well, Aspen isn't technically his girlfriend yet, but that will change soon enough. Except ... when the morning of their first date arrives, something happens.

It starts with his mother, who worries him by mechanically repeating their conversation word-for-word from the night before and saying nothing else. Things only get stranger as Rowley goes out in search of help. People everywhere are repeating the same words and actions over and over with dull, uncomprehending expressions.

Then they get hungry. Their eyes change, switching from glassy and unfocused to fiery and feral. It's scary enough when food is around and they and wolf it down with reckless ferocity, but the food won't last forever. Rowley desperately tries to protect his family and friends who've all fallen victim to this ... this terrible thing that has happened to the world. But can he survive it himself? And ... why hasn't he changed like the rest of them?

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ISBN: 9798676318055
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 6th, 2021
Pages: 304
Language: English