Vampire The Masquerade - Swansong Complete Guide [New Updated]: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies (Paperback)

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Welcome to our Vampire The Masquerade - Swansong Complete Guide
New Updated]

Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong
, developed by Big Bad Wolf Studios (creator of the recent, highly-reviewed episodic game The Council) and published by Nacon, is a very unique title when compared to the others in the Vampire: The Masquerade series and the greater World of Darkness universe in general. This is especially true when compared to both Bloodlines and the -of New York VN series. In overall style and gameplay, Swansong appears to be a mix of elements from both, their RPGs and VNs. Like in RPGs, you control your character; explore and interact with the world around you; have character customization like Attributes, Skills and Abilities, Traits; and more. And like VNs, the game is heavily story-based and is primarily told in dialogue (the vast majority of the game is spent simply talking to people), with multiple dialogue options and several decisions that lead to different outcomes, and, eventually, different endings.
Overall, while Swansong's greater story setting and world information fits in quite nicely into the World of Darkness framework, it's a completely unrelated story to any of the other previous titles.
Throughout the game, you will take turns playing 3 different characters: Emem, a female Toreador who dislikes the Court and can be brash; Galeb, the Ventrue protector of the Camarilla (the main group of vampires in Boston); and Leysha, a mother and Malkavian seer whose visions are important to the Camarilla's leader, Prince Hazel. Each has their own tale to tell, but how they act and respond to the world around them, and whether they survive, thrive, or fall, is entirely up to you.
This Walkthrough will take you through the entire game, and it includes all possible routes, interactions, items, dialogue choices, and basically anything and everything important. Following it will also guarantee you the Platinum in the shortest amount of time possible and will prevent you from needing two or more playthroughs.

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