Books from the Cove Subscription - THREE MONTHS Box #1 Paperbacks

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Price: $58.99


THREE Monthly book subscription boxes INDIVIDUALLY CUSTOMIZED for your child/tween/young adult (ages 2.5 - 12 years old) with exciting NEW titles to help your young reader sustain their love of reading. 

  • Each "BOOKS from the COVE" Subscription Boxes will be shipped for delivery in the First Week of the Month (if ordered by the 20th of the previous month) or the Third Week of the Month (if ordered by the 1st of the month).  The delivery timing will be based on the date the order is submitted.  Each box will contain TWO PAPERBACK BOOKS and one surprise gift item.
  • Please complete Questionnaire HERE to assist us in customizing the box for the young reader receiving it. Fill out the "TO" and "FROM" boxes below so that we can match your order to the Questionnaire you have provided to us.
  • We will send you a “Books from the Cove” card at your billing address (or give it to you if you opt to pay in the store) that you can give the recipient telling them about the subscription box that will be coming to them.  
  • Be sure to put in the shipping address the name and address of the box recipient. 
  • The $58.99 price will be entered at checkout. Applicable Taxes, Shipping and Handling are separate charges.  You may opt to pay for and when ready, pick up the subscription boxes at the store and pay only the $6 handling fees.