Read. Question. Think.

Learning activities with AdaTwist Stellar Scientist, Rosie Revere Bold Engineer, Iggy Peck Amazing Architect will help kids have fun with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Ada, Rosie and IggyAda Twist Stellar Scientist: For curious minds who ask why? how? what? when? and then why? again and again, Ada Twist is no different, with a head full of questions. Not only does she think about things like why are there pointy things stuck to a rose? or why are there hairs up inside of your nose?, she takes it to another level with fact-finding missions and elaborate scientific experiments. Confidently uninhibited, Ada explores any mystery, riddle, puzzle, or quest with all the traits that make for a great scientist.

Rose Revere Bold Engineer: Where some people see rubbish, Rosie sees inspiration. We can often find her alone in her room, where she dreams of becoming a great engineer as she constructs countless inventions from odds and ends. Rosie’s great-great-aunt happens to be Rosie the Riveter, who’s unfinished goal to fly inspires Rosie to work on building a contraption to make her aunt’s dream come true. With as many successes as Rosie has, there are some flops—but rather than quitting, she tenaciously pursues her ideas and works to improve on them each day.

Iggy Peck Amazing Architect. Some kids sculpt sand castles. Some make mud pies. Some construct great block towers. That someone is our very own Iggy Peck. No one is better at building than Iggy, who once erected a life-size replica of the great Sphinx on his front lawn! He’s been an architect since he was two, when he built a great tower—in only an hour—with nothing but diapers and glue! He uses anything he can find around his house or classroom to satisfy his insatiable passion for building. Either from his imagination or from famous structures around the world, nothing is too complicated for Iggy to construct.

Good gracious, Ignatius! There are 15 phrases hidden in this puzzle. Can you find them all? Use LINK to left to full worksheet.






Help Ada find the smell: Ada was busy that first day of spring, testing the sounds that make mockingbirds sing, when a horrible stench whacked her right in the nose—a pungent aroma that curled up her toes.  “Zowie!” said Ada, which got her to thinking “What is the source of that terrible stinking?” Use LINK at left to download the maze.





.As Scientists we experience a place using each of our senses. How it looks is important, but what about how it feels? Are the surfaces smooth? Rough? Uneven? Shiny? We use other senses, too. Add something to this house that will make it smell good. (A flower garden? A perfume fan? A stink removing system?) And add something that will make it sound special, too. Wind chimes? A bee hive? Use LINK to left to full worksheet.




Make an Architectural Plan like Iggy. Architectural plans used to be called blueprints because of the special paper that architects used to create and copy them. Architectural plans use symbols to represent the parts of the building. The symbols are important in communicating to contractors and builders—and to building owners—precisely how the structure will come together. Use LINK to left to symbol guide.





ABOUT ARCHITECTS. Architects take ideas and turn them into structures. They ask lots of questions and use many basic principles in their designs. These are some of the most important principles -- Balance • Rhythm • Movement • Emphasis • Contrast • Unity. Architects use balance to create a feeling of stability. Sometimes they use imbalance to create excitement. Use LINK to left to activity to use blance and imbalance to design a house like Iggy..





Make a paper plane with Rosie.  Use LINK to left for model.







LINK to more Ada Twist Science experiments.