CHILDREN'S BOOK WEEK MAY 3-9 2021What is Children’s Book Week and how can you join in the celebrations?

Children’s Book Week is the annual celebration of books for young people and the joy of reading.
Established in 1919, Children’s Book Week is the longest-running national literacy initiative in the country. Every year, events are held nationwide at schools, libraries, bookstores, homes — wherever young readers and books connect!

The 2021 Children’s Book Week will take place May 3-9!

Children’s Book Week is not only a celebration of books, but of connection. It is a vehicle to unite kids and adults with books, authors, and illustrators in order to foster a love of reading in all.
Each year a slogan is created to shape materials and celebration ideas,
and a beloved artist is chosen to exemplify that slogan. The 2021 slogan is 
Reading is a Superpower, and award-winning author and illustrator 
Bryan Collier is the poster art creator!


We are doing something every day of the week  (click on logo to left for details) . . . 
Monday -- Discover your SUPERPOWER
Tuesday -- Learn how to draw book characters from illustrators.
Wednesday -- Imagine the world with Matt de la Pena characters. 
Thursday -- Family games

Friday -- Activty sheets based on Ryan T. Higgins new book, The Bruce Swap 
Saturday --  Weather permitting we will have storytimes with hand puppets outside based on the fun Jory John & Pete Oswald characters, Bad Seed, Good Egg, Cool Bean and Couch Potato.



Superpower (noun): a skill, personal trait, or passion that plays an important role in your life, helps you do good in the world, and makes you feel special, happy, and confident. People have many superpowers in their lives. How can YOU DISCOVER YOURS?  In honor of this year’s Children’s Book Week Theme, Reading is a Superpower, the Superpower Challenge was created. Kids & their families can discover a new passion or reaffirm a current interest by exploring activities divided into various categories. WE ARE SUGGESTING THAT FAMILIES --- PARENTS/GUARDIANS, KIDS, GRANDPARENTS, AUNTS & UNCLES, ANYONE YOU WANT TO INCLUDE IN YOUR FAMILY GROUP --- DO THIS CHALLENGE TOGETHER!   USE LINK TO LEFT for ideas, inspirations and guidance to discover YOUR SUPERPOWER.


Beloved children’s book artists have contributed didactic and entertaining lessons in how to draw some of their favorite characters to help us celebrate the Children’s Book Week 2021 theme, Reading is a Superpower.  Each individual drawing instruction is available to follow by viewing online or to download and print by children, teens, and book lovers everywhere. USE LINK AT LEFT.  


 Celebrate Children’s Book Week with virtual events taking place from May 1-9 from wherever you are!  Please be mindful of timezones!  USE LINK AT LEFT.