April Earth Day April 22 Arbor Day April 30 Earth Month

Celebrate Earth Day (April 22), Arbor Day (April 28) and Earth Month (all of April!) with some enjoyable activities that are good for your health and the planet!  


IDEA #1 Plant something green.  One of the most powerful ways to observe Earth Day & Arbor Day this year is to gather your family together and plant something green - trees, flowers, grass or vegetables. Planting offers a fun way to spend some quality time together. However, it’s also an action that leaves a very positive impact on the rest of the world for years to come.  Here is LINK to some books we have on our shelves that may help. 

IDEA #2 Cook a plant-based Arbor Day/Earth Day-inspired dish or meal. If you and your family love to have fun in the kitchen,  prepare a dish or an entire meal that features plants or tree-based ingredients. Trees produce amazing edibles such as fruits like apples, bananas, figs, cherries, and avocados. Of course, nuts are also on the menu, as are other natural foods like maple syrup, chocolate, and cinnamon. We are sure you can find at least one vegetable or plant based food that everyone likes--French fries are potatoes!  Here is LINK to some cookbooks we have on our shelves that may help. 

IDEA #3 Take a walk.  On your next family walk around the neighborhood bring some materials with you so that you can identify the different species of trees, plants or birds that you encounter along the way. Here is LINK to some guides we have on our shelves that may help.


IDEA #4Tap into your creative side. Engage in some ecology, plant or tree-inspired arts, crafts or activities. While on your walk around the neighborhood together (see idea 3 above) be inspired by what you see. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and be creative! Trees and nature make fantastic inspiration for all sorts of art. Here is LINK to some art books we have on our shelves that may help. 

IDEA #5Play a Game Celebrating Our Planet.  In “Planet”, a unique Blue Orange game for 2-4 players age 8 to adult, a world takes shape in the palm of your hands. Take on the role of super beings and compete to create perfect worlds with the ideal conditions for wildlife to flourish.   Here is LINK to more information


idea 6Learn About Trees/Plants, Our Planet, Environment, Energy.  We have many non-fiction books on many planet-saving, planet-friendly, planet-responsible topics for you to learn more about our earth and what we can do to make it better. Here is LINK to more information

Read a Book with an Earth Theme.  Fictional stories are another way to learn about our earth! We have some stories/chapter books/novels, listed from early readers to ages 10-12 to peak your interest.   Here is LINK to more information.


earth idea #8What We Can Do to Save Our Planet.  Be informed, inspired, creative!   Here is LINK to more information.