07/31/2021 - 12:00pm to 4:00pm

The highly anticipated poetic memoir and debut solo book of bestselling inspirational contributing authoBehind the Masked Smile by Isabella Roser Isabella Rose is coming this summer! 

We will be hosting an author book signing on July 31, 12 - 4 pm under our canopy outdoors (weather permitting!)

From Trauma to Triumph: In her poetic memoir, Behind the Masked Smile, author Isabella Rose takes off her mask of smiles to reveal the innermost world of a survivor of trauma and abuse. She invites the reader into the real world behind the mask of happiness, into the raw, painful moments of her past suffered through in silence. Turning to poetry as an outlet with the hope she would one day share her words with others so they too would know they are not alone in their own battle for love and acceptance, within and outside of themselves. – an invitation to others to embrace, love, hope, and faith in their lives even against all odds.


Isabella grew up in the “perfect” dysfunctional alcoholic family. From a very young age, she learned the world was a scary place and had to silence her voice to others about what went on in the family home. She tried so hard to gain the love, acceptance, and approval of her family and her peers. After she was raped at the age of fourteen, she was forced into further silence and began her battle with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. One would never know the pain and torment she suffered through looking at her from the outside. She was always so happy and bubbly. As Isabella grew older, she continued on in the footsteps of her mother and the path of trauma and abuse laid out before her by generations of ancestors that followed before her.

She shares the confusion, betrayal, abandonment, following in love with a substance user, and becoming one herself; losing more and more of herself in each relationship trying to gain the love and approval of her partner until one day she knew something had to change and that change had to begin with her. She prayed for the strength and courage she needed to take back her power and learn to love herself. This was the catalyst that would lead her to a victorious triumph of faith, love, healing, and self-acceptance; the beginning of making her dreams come true and living a life she loved.

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ISBN: 9798718036039
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Published: Independently Published - July 8th, 2021

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