11/25/2023 - 9:30am to 7:30pm


As a small business, this indie bookstore has one-of-a-kind products and personalized service – and relies on your support during the holidays. Shop this Indie, First!




RAFFLE:  Each person upon entering the store will receive an entry to a raffle to win unique books and book-related posters and prints.  No purchase necessary.

COUPON:  For every $40 in purchases, receive a coupon to be used at a later date.

AUTHORS: From 2:00 P.M. to 3:30 P.M. come meet authors J.M. Taylor and Mo Walsh who will be greeting people and signing books!


Mo Walsh won the Mary Higgins Clark Short Mystery/Suspense contest with her first published story. Her short fiction has appeared in five issues of Best New England Crime Stories, the Super Puzzletastic Mysteries anthology from Mystery Writers of America, Woman’s Worldand other publications. Mo also co-authored the “killer trivia” book, A Miscellany of Murder. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and past chapter president of MWA-New England. She lives in Weymouth with her husband and the youngest of their three sons.




J.M. TaylorJ. M. Taylor writes tales of crime, mystery and misery. He has appeared in such mags as Thuglit, Tough Crime, Wildside Black Cat, and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. His novels include Night of the Furies from New Pulp Press, Dark Heat from Genretarium, and the new release No Score from Unnerving. He lives in Boston with his wife and son and rescue dog, and when he's not writing, he teaches under an assumed name.





dark heat by j.m. taylor night of the furies by T.M. Taylor No Score by J.M. Taylor

Dark Heat: Starr Wyman is hedged in on all sides: caring for her war-broken brother, tormented by her crooked father, still in mourning for the disappearance of her mother. Her father, the Bible-quoting "Wint" Wyman, dismisses her herbalist work as witchcraft, but when a body drops and her brother is responsible, Wint calls on Starr to make the corpse disappear.

Enter the mysterious Jase Patton, hunting an ivory artifact owned by Wint Wyman. Starr agrees to help Jase recover the piece, in exchange for a new life far away. But neither Jase nor the treasure are all that they seem, and Starr must deal with a wound no herbal treatment can cure.

Night of the Furies:  In the late 1930s, Rico DiGiacomo ruled all of East Boston until he was brutally murdered by his own lieutenant, Bricks Mancini. That night, Rico’s son Giorgio overheard the details as they were reported to the one who ordered it: Rico’s wife. Giorgio vowed to avenge his father, no matter how long it took.

Now, thirty years later, Giorgio has finally fulfilled that promise. As Mancini’s bodyguards pursue him into biker bars and sleazy motels like a pack of vengeful demons, Giorgio recalls a life of humiliation at his mother’s hands and the wisdom his father passed on to him.

Night of the Furies follows Giorgio’s desperate escape, alternating between his present dangers and the events that led up to them, a virtual history of crime in Boston. From the basement lounge of the Coconut Grove to James Michael Curley, from the Great Molasses Flood to the Old Howard, Giorgio has moved in some of the deadliest circles of the city, never forgetting that Fate sent him to kill his own mother. What he doesn’t know is that Fate has still more in store for him, and one night can be very long indeed.

No Score:  Babe Ruth’s glove, a bloody shirt, a diamond-encrusted bag: the score of a lifetime.
Drowning beneath a wave of gentrification, Drew Hackett wants only to support his family and grow his weekend business. When he learns that Boston sports legend Bernie Oakes has a memorabilia collection ripe for robbery, he thinks his problems are solved. Drew puts together a daring plan that—somehow—succeeds.
But nothing is ever as it seems. 
Moving the goods only sinks Drew deeper into trouble, the kind of trouble that means spilled blood and an executioner’s blade looming over his head and the heads of everyone he loves. He has one chance to make things right. He slips into a scheme that takes him from high society to a secret sex club, from a grandiose charter school to the sludge beneath the city, and finally into the relentless grip of a crime boss looking to squeeze him like a grape.  Drew must brave it all or there’ll be No Score.

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