DEAR GRADUATING STUDENTS in the towns surrounding Storybook Cove who have been required to (1) finish the last semester of a phase of your education (grammar school, high school, college, graduate school) in insolation from teachers & friends, (2) master online learning at lightning speed, and (3) forgo such celebrations as prom, class trips, class and award nights, and commencement ceremonies, we have decided on a not-so-traditional literary reference for you to consider as an inspiration as you venture into the next phase of your life, having been forever impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic:
Three Stings (from Falling Up: poems and drawings by Shel Silverstein)
George got stung by a bee and said,
     “I wouldn’t have got stung if I’d stayed in bed.”
Fred got stung and we heard [Fred] roar,
     “What am I being punished for?”
Lew got stung and we heard [Lew] say,
     “I learned somethin’ about bees today.”


class of 2020 - we honor you!

  • There were days that we did not want to deal with social distancing, long lines, overtaxed internet and sad news resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and we just pulled the covers over our head and went back to bed.  We are guessing there were days you did the same!
  • Then there were days when no one could come to the store and our book orders were delayed or cancelled and we threw up our hands and said “why me?”  We are guessing that there were days you said the same!
  • But, then there were days when we said let’s learn how to “Zoom”; we can use social media to shout out Mother’s Day messages, Book Week activities, and book suggestions; we have time to read that new book; let’s plant some flowers; and so much more!    We are guessing that there were days you did new and creative things too!

Take all of those experiences and reactions and use them to learn about yourself, life, and our world!  We will all be better for it!


Link to great gift ideas of 2020 Grads

Commencement means a “beginning or start.” COVID-19 has caused you to miss your traditional commencement ceremony, but know that your family, friends, teachers, and even your friendly independent bookstore are here to help, encourage and inspire your new beginning as you take the next step in your life. 

And remember, it is OK that some days you will “stay in bed” or will cry “why me?”, because there WILL BE many days of learning great and new things.