THIS AND THAT . . .  We have some unique Graduation cards ($2.95 to $3.79), Book Marks ($1.99, $4.99, $14.00), hand painted Random Hearts Rocks ($3.99) and Floral Heart Magnets ($6.00). See pictures below of what is currently on our shelves.   These items are available for purchase and delivery with a book purchase. Call to order.  Sorry we cannot ship these items. However, we will sign and mail a card for you if you cannot get out!

Floral Heart Magnets $6.00 includes bag       Random Heart Rocks $3.99 includes bag

Be curious . . .
Learning is lifelong joy.
Be kind . . .
To everyone, including yourself. You'll never regret it.
Be persistent . . .

Your talents can direct you,but it's your hard work that will take you places.

Be yourself . . .
You're an amazing unique person, and there is so much pride in having you for a son. 
Congratulations on your Graduation.


To an Amazing Daughter on Her Graduation

From the moment you came into the world, your bright, unique spirit has continued to shine through everything you do!  
It's been the privilege of a lifetime to walk beside you as you've discovered your strenghts and found your way over the years.

No matter what path you take in life, may you always keep with you the knowledge that you are cherished beyond measure and loved more than you know!





Congratulations on Your Graduation

Wishing you a future filled with limitless opportunities.







Always let your music speak for itself.  Happy Graduation!

Your Future is Bright


Shine on, Graduate!





For the Graduate . . .

"There is no easy way from the earth to the stars." Seneca

Chart your path, set your course, and never give up on your dreams!







Go confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams . . . and . . . Live the Life You Imagined

Congratulations on your Graduation!






Learn from trees,
for they are always grounded
but never stop reaching heavenward.  Everett Mamor

It is so amazing to watch you grow into the incredible person you are!

Congratulations on your Graduation




Follow Your Dreams

May you always do what you love and love what you do!

Congratulations, Graduate







You'll never have more brain cells than you have right now!

Congratulastions GRAD

The tassle was worth the hassle!







Go forth and be awesome!