Independent Bookstore Day 2020

Independent Bookstore Day on Saturday August 29Normally celebrated on the last Saturday of April, this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that affected most in our industry, Independent Bookstore Day is happening on AUGUST 29, the last Saturday in August. In order to keep our beloved community members safe, there will be 

a pleathora of online events (see link RIGHT TOP),
a Storybook Cove sponsored virtual event by Tori Cameron (see link RIGHT TOP) and
Independent Bookstore Day merchandise available in the store on August 29 (see link RIGHT TOP for descriptions).  

Independent Bookstore Day is a one-day national EVENT that takes place at indie bookstores, and this year ONLINE, across the country.  Every store is unique and independent, and every event is different. But in addition to authors, kids' events, readings, and other fun stuff, there are exclusive books and literary items that you can only get on that day IN OUR STORE, OR THIS YEAR, ON THIS WEBSITE. Not before.