2019 MEET THE AUTHOR SERIES with Hanover Council on Aging & John Curtis Library

Meet the Authors Presented by Hanover Council on Aging & the John Curtis Free Library
at the Hanover Council on Aging,
665 Center Street, Hanover MA

Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.; doors open at 6:00 pm.
Light refreshments; prizes.
6:30 pm: Author talk, award and Q&A
7:30 pm: Book sales & signings


2019 meet the authors with the Hanover Council on Aging and the John Curtis Library


September 12 
Eileen McNamara, author of the biography,
Eunice: The Woman Who Changed the World.  
Granted access to never-before-seen private papers—from the scrapbooks Eunice kept as a schoolgirl in prewar London to her thoughts on motherhood and feminism—Eileen McNamara paints a vivid portrait of a woman both ahead of her time and out of step with it: the visionary founder of the Special Olympics, a devout Catholic in a secular age, and a formidable woman whose impact on American society was longer lasting than that of any of the Kennedy men.

September 19 
Maureen Boyle, author of Shallow Graves: The Hunt for the new Bedford Highway Serial Killer.
 Investigative reporter Maureen Boyle first broke the story in 1988 and stayed with it for decades. In Shallow Graves she spins a riveting narrative about the crimes, the victims, the hunt for the killers, and the search for justice, all played out against the backdrop of an increasingly impoverished community beset by drugs and crime. Drawing on more than one hundred interviews, along with police reports, first-person accounts, and field reporting both during the killings and more recently, Shallow Graves brings the reader behind the scenes of the investigation, onto the streets of the city, and into the homes of the families still hoping for answers.

October 3
José Ramirez, author of Cuba and the "Last" Baseball Season.  The migration of Cuban born baseball players since the 1800s to the present time to and from their homeland serves as the foundation of a significant period of time in the Cuban baseball history.  The primary focus of this book is the story about Cuban baseball players who learned of their inability to pursue their dreams to play professional baseball in their home country, following the decision by the Castro regime to abolish professional baseball at the end of the 1960-61 season.  Players were faced with the dilemma to either leave behind their family, home, friends and their beloved homeland, in order to play baseball professionally knowing they may never see them again. The alternative was to stay at home and pursue a different and uncertain way of life. Seeking advice in private from their parents given their very young age or very trusted people became a necessity. This is not simply another baseball story, it is about the personal struggle these men and their families endured, and the heart-wrenching judgement they had to make during a relatively short period of time while they still had a choice to make such a decision.

October 17
Christopher Castellani author of Leading Men. Illuminating one of the great love stories of the twentieth century – Tennessee Williams and his longtime partner Frank Merlo – Leading Men is a glittering novel of desire and ambition, set against the glamorous literary circles of 1950s Italy. In July of 1953, at a glittering party thrown by Truman Capote in Portofino, Italy, Tennessee Williams and his longtime lover Frank Merlo meet Anja Blomgren, a mysteriously taciturn young Swedish beauty and aspiring actress. Their encounter will go on to alter all of their lives. Ten years later, Frank revisits the tempestuous events of that fateful summer from his deathbed in Manhattan, where he waits anxiously for Tennessee to visit him one final time. Anja, now legendary film icon Anja Bloom, lives as a recluse in the present-day U.S., until a young man connected to the events of 1953 lures her reluctantly back into the spotlight after he discovers she possesses the only surviving copy of Williams’s final play.  What keeps two people together and what breaks them apart? Can we save someone else if we can’t save ourselves? Like The Master and The HoursLeading Men seamlessly weaves fact and fiction to navigate the tensions between public figures and their private lives. In an ultimately heartbreaking story about the burdens of fame and the complex negotiations of life in the shadows of greatness, Castellani creates an unforgettable leading lady in Anja Bloom and reveals the hidden machinery of one of the great literary love stories of the twentieth-century.

November 14
J. North Conway, author of
 The Wreck of the Portland: A Doomed Ship, A Violent Storm and New England's Worst Maritime Disaster.  
The SS Portland was a solid and luxurious ship, and its loss in 1898 in a violent storm with some 200 people aboard was later remembered as “New England’s Titanic.” The Portland was one of New England's largest and most luxurious paddle steamers, and after nine years' solid performance, she had earned a reputation as a safe and dependable vessel. In November 1898, a perfect storm formed off the New England coast. Conditions would produce a blizzard with 100 miles per hour winds and 60-foot waves that pummeled the coast.  The ship and its crew were never seen again. Before the storm abated it became one of the worst ever recorded in New England waters. The storm, now known as “The Portland Gale,” killed 400 people along the coast and sent more than 200 ships to the bottom, including the doomed Portland.

Eunice: The Kennedy Who Changed the World Cover Image
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Cuba and the
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Published: Lyons Press - July 1st, 2019