Happy Mother's Day May 10 2020


Celebrate Mother's Day  . . . 
we have plenty of books that the "maternal figure" in your life . . . your mother/grandmother/

aunt/wife/sibling/friend/mothering person will enjoy receiving from you!





  Click on logo to learn more about our Books from the Cove Subscription Boxes for Adults.  A one, three or six month Subscription will make a great gift for the "Mom" in your life -- let her tell us what books she likes and we will do the shopping for you and deliver it to her in our custom subscription box! 

 Give a GIFT CARD & she can choose the books she wants! (Please purchase Gift Cards in a separate order.)  PURCHASE HERE

Whether you choose to purchase your gifts yourself, purchase a Books from the Cove Subscription Box so that we can do the shopping for you, or purchase a Gift Card so that she can do her own shopping, we have . . .
MYSTERY BOOKS. Does she enjoy a good whodunit, murder, thriller or procedural mystery? We have some good ones on our shelves.  
HISTORICAL FICTION OR FANTASY.  Does she like to escape into the past or into worlds that only exist in books? We have some special historical fiction and fantasy books on our shelves.  
REALISTIC FICTION. Do the stories have to be based in reality and in this time period in order to hold her interest?  If so, we can recommend some great ones that are on our shelves. 
 NONFICTION.  What if she only reads biographies, real stories, inspirational works, or is a soon to be Mom or loves cookbooks?  We have you covered with a variety of books on our shelves.  
 THIS AND THAT . . .  We have some unique Mother's Day cards, Book Marks, hand painted Random Hearts Rocks, journals and other fun gifts.