KENDRA'S PICKSKendra likes mysteries, historical fiction and contemporary romance as well as puzzles and activity books.

January 26, 2022: Kendra's pick this week is the picture book, "A Unicorn Named Sparkle and the Perfect Valentine" by Amy Young. Sparkle the Unicorn (really a goat in disguise!) wants to make a Valentine for Lucy, the person he loves the most in the world. However, Sparkle can't cut or paste or draw, but he tries his very best!

January 19, 2022: Kendra's pick this week is the interactive large board book, "Mermaid Dance" by Matthew and Mara Van Fleet. The MerKids have been invited to a ball but they do not know how to dance! Not to worry, the other sea creatures will show them how! Six sturdy pull tabs make the characters move! Fun!

January 12, 2022: Kendra's pick this week is "A Deadly Affair" by Agatha Christie. This is an all new collection of love gone horribly wrong -- a great Valentine's Day gift for mystery fans! 

January 5, 2022:Kendra's pick this week is "The Vineyard at Painted Moon" by Susan Mallery. This big hearted novel set in beautiful wine country tells the story of a young woman's search for family and love. A warm novel, for a cold winter's day!

December 29, 2021:  Kendra's pick this week is "The Treasure Hunt" by Nick Butterworth Recently republished, this book in the best selling classic series, Percy the Park Keeper, will delight young readers as they search the park looking for clues and the treasure!

December 15, 2021:  Kendra's pick this week is one of her favorite Christmas books of all time, "Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree" by Robert Barry.  Mr. Willowby's Christmas tree is too big to fit in his house, so the top is chopped off and thrown away.  What happens to the little treetop? Ryming text is great for reading aloud and the illustrationsare adorable.

December 8, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is "Deck the Halls Crossword Puzzles" edited by Will Shorts.  Take a rest from the holidays and relax with a New York Times crossword puzzle!

December 1, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is "Hercule Poirot's Christmas" by Agatha Christie.  Snuggle up with this classic, cozy mystery.

November 24, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is "Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone" by Diana Gabaldon. Finally!! The long awaited ninth book in the Outlander series! It is 1779 and Claire and Jamie are reunited with their family on Fraser's Ridge. But the Revolutionary War is having an effect and tensions are running high. This is a nice long novel to enjoy over the Winter!

November 18, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is "The Man Who Died Twice" by Richard Osman.  The Thursday Murder Club is back! This time the four septuagenarians are facing a powerful arms dealer, a drug lord, and the mafia; all while searching for $20 million worth of stolen diamonds.  Kendra loves this series!

November 3, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is "Grand Jete and Me" by Allegra Kent and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser (Fancy Nancy). This is a delightful story about a little girl's trip to the Nutcracker ballet with her Grandmother, Grand Jete, an ex Prima Ballerina. The tale of the Nutcracker is simply told and the pictures are gorgeous!

November 3, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is the book, "Chez Bob" by Bob Shea. What would happen if a hungry alligator opened a birdseed restaurant on his nose? A lot of birds would come to dine and Bob could have a bird for lunch! This picture book has great illustrations with an ending for everyone to love!

October 6, 2021: Kendra's picks today remind us that Halloween is on it's way.  We have fun and spooky titles for infants though adults such as "Find Spot at the Halloween Party" by Eric Hill, "Monster Mash Mad Libs" by Tristan Roarke,  "What Is the Story of Dracula?" by Michael Burgan, and "In the Tall Grass" by Stephen King and Joe Hill.

September 28, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is the Highlights book, 'Jumbo Book of My First Hidden Pictures" which will provide hours of fun for young puzzlers! Besides hidden pictures ,  there are mazes, connect the dots, matching, and more!

September 21, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is "The Ghostly Tales of New England" by Carrie Juettner. This book in the Spooky America series is adapted for younger readers (ages 10 to 12). Learn all about the ghosts and haunted places of New England!

September 15, 2021: Kendra's pick this week, "We're All In the Same Boat" by Barney Saltzberg is a cute little story about we all have to work together to get things done. Simple illustrations truly get the point across and don't forget to find the frog!  

September 8, 2021: Kendra's pick is "Norman Didn't Do It", a new picture book by one of her favorite children's authors, Ryan T. Higgins (Mother Bruce). Norman is a porcupine and his best friend is Mildred, a tree. But when a visitor arrives, their friendship is tested. Fun text and great illustrations.

September 3, 2021:  Kendra's pick this week is Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. In a peaceful retirement community in England, four friends have formed the Thursday Murder Club,where they discuss cold crimes and try to solve them.  But when a real murder occurs in their midst, all kinds of things start to happen.  Witty, fast paced and a lot of fun!

August 25, 2021:  Kendra's pick this week is "I Spy School Days" by Walter Wick and Jean Marzolio.  this classic I Spy book is newly updated with new designs and bonus middlesl.  Hours of fun for young solvers!

August 18, 2021:  Kendra's pick this week is "A Library Book for Bear" by Bonny Becker and illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton.  The latest adventure in paperback for Bear and Mouse is a trip to the library! Bear does not want to go.  He has 7 perfectly fine books, he doesn't want another.  Can Mouse find the perfect book for Bear? Great read about! 

August 11, 2021: Kendra's pick:  August is romance month so try on "If the Shoe Fits" by Julie Murphy. Cindy, a plus - size woman with a degree in fashion design, but no job, decides to go on a reality dating show! It's a Cinderella story with a twist!

July 21, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is "Sunrise by the Sea" which is part of the Little Beach Street Bakery series by Jenny Colgan. Mariso Rossi goes to the island of Mount Polbearne at the foot of Cornwall to find peace and quiet to deal with her grief after the death of her grandfather. She becomes involved with the community and the saving of a bakery. This is a heartwarming summer read.

July 14, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is "How to Go Anywhere (And Not Get Lost) by Hans Aschim and illustrated by Andres Lozano. This book has everything you want and need to know about navigation explained simply with historical facts and simple activities. GPS is great but do you want to know how to get around without getting lost if it fails? Then read this book and have fun exploring!

June 30, 2021:  Kendra's pick this week is "Summer on the Bluffs" by Sunny Hostin. Set in Oak Bluffs, an exclusive Black community on Martha's Vineyard, 1 of 3 women who have vacationed at a cottage called Chateau Laveau with Ama Vaux Tanner will be gifted this house at the end of the summer by Ama. How will this decision be made? A great summer read!

June 24, 2021:  Kendra's pick this week is "Camping S[pree with Mr. Magee" by Chris Van Dusen.  Kendra said:  "I just love the Mr. Magee books! A rhyming, simple text and colorful, fun illustrations make it a delight to read aloud."

June 17, 2021:  Kendra's pick this week is "Win" by Harlan Coven. For Dads who like thrillers, this one is nonstop! Multiple plot twists and an ending you will not have seen coming.

June 10, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is "And Then Came Hope" by Stephen Savage. The boats in the harbor are not feeling well, so they send out an S.O.S. and then came Hope. She cares for them until they all feel better. Simple illustrations make this story perfect for little ones. Based on the true story of the S.S. Hope, a hospital ship that traveled around the world caring for people.

June 3, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is "The Newcomer" by Mary Kate Andrews, one of her go-to summer authors. It's time to get your summer reads!  Mary Kay Andrews writes a funny, romantic mystery set in an old Florida motel.  Great Beach Book! 

MAY 26, 2021: Kendra's pick: "Revenge is a dish best served cold."  "Siren" is another great mystery  from Katherine St. John! Set on a Carribean island where a movie is being.filmed, the cast of characters all have their dark secrets.  Plot twists and a thrilling conclusion make this book an excellent beach read!

MAY 19, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is "Freedom" by Sebastian Junger.  For the better part of a year, Junger and three friends walk the railraod lines of the East Coast and into the interior of America.  Along the way, he discusses the settling of the frontier, Native Americans, the massive project of bulding the railraods, and what it means to be free.

MAY 12, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is "111 Places in Boston That You Must Not Miss" by Heather Kapplow and Kim Windyka.  I, Kendra, love this book! Not a traditional travel guide, but a collection of unusual places and interesting stories about some of Bostn's well known (and not so known!) landmarks.  Great gift idea for natives and tourists alike.  

  MAY 6, 2021: Kendra's pick is "Her Last Flight". Beatriz Williams does it again with her historical novel of a forgotten aviata who mysteriously disappeared during the Spanish Civil War. Blending past and present, she weaves a tale of love, deception, and ultimately, redemption.  

APRIL 28, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is Right Sort of Man by Allison Montclair.  Kendra recently discovered this historical mystery series set in post WWII London.  Iris Sparks and Gwendolyn Bainbridge have spent the war years in two very different worlds, but now team up to open the Right Sort Marriage Bureau.  When their newest client is found murdered, the police blame the prospective husband.  Iris and Gwen don't believe that is the case and set out to investigage for themselves.  Fun mystery with a great cast of characters!

APRIL 20, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is Lion's Den by Katherine St. John. Belle receives an invitation from her best friend to spend a week in the Mediterranean on her billionaire boyfriend's yacht.  How could she say no?  But things are not as idyllic as advertized and soon Belle finds herself involved with some very controlling individuals.  Characters to love and characters to hate; this isa perfect mystery for summer reading!

APRIL 14, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is the "Read with Jenna" pick "Good Company" by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney.  This novel is an intricate tale of friendship, love and marriage.

MARCH 31, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is "Sail" which is written and beautifully illustrated by Dorien Brouwers.  This book is a gentle lesson in navigating your way through life.

MARCH 25, 2021:  Nothing does more for your day than a good laugh!  Get ready to be amused! Kendra's picks this week are two funny books, one for grown-ups: "Laughter Still Is the Best Medicine: More than 1,000 all-new laughs from Reader's Digest" and for kids: Laugh-Out-Loud: Try not to LOL, Jokes for Kids" by Rob Elliott.  

MARCH 18, 2021: Sharpen your pencil and sharpen your mind! Kendra's pick for this week is "417 more games, puzzles & trivia challenges specially designed to keep your brain young." by Nancy Linde.  

MARCH 11, 2021: Kendra's pick for this week is "The Windsor Knot" by SJ Bennet.  An intriguing murder occurs at Windsor Castle and the Queen is not happy with the direction the investigation has taken.  With the help of her assistants, she sets out to solve the crime herself.

MARCH 4, 2021: Kendra's pick for this week is "Happy Birthday to You" by Dr. Seuss. Although some of his titles have recently become controversial, his books were instrumental in teaching generations of children to read.

FEBRUARY 24, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is "Champ and Major: First Dogs" by Joy McCullough and illustrated by Sheyda Advabi Best.  In honor of rescue dogs everywhere, meet Champ and Major, the first rescue dogs to live in the White House.

FEBRUARY 17, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is "The Secrets of Love Story Bridge" by Phaedra Patrick - a warm romance for a wintry day.

FEBRUARY 10, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is "No Buddy Like a Book" by Allan Wolf and illustrated by Brianne Farley. As the flyleaf says: "Step aboard the Book Express. It is leaving the station. The only ticket needed is your own imagination." Gorgeous pictures and rhyming text make this book a great read aloud.

FEBRUARY 3, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is "A Thousand Ships" by Natalie Haynes, which is a retelling of the Trojan War told from the perspective of the women involved - deities included. 

JANUARY 27, 2021: Kendra's pick this week is  HIdden Adventures by Lara Hawthorne.  Explore various habitats from the bottom of the ocean to outer space.  With your magic lens you will be able to discover treasures and learn some historical facts.


JANUARY 20, 2021:  West End Girls, the new novel from Jenny Colgan is Kendra's pick this week.  It is a hilarious and heartwarming story of twin sisters who set out to London in hopes of leaving their mark on the world.  This book would be a great Valentine gift for romantic comedy fiction lovers.

JANUARY 13, 2021:

Kendra's first pick of the new year is the latest by Kevin Kwan, Sex and Vanity. Capri, New York, Asian culture, wealth, fashion, food, hidden love affair -- modern life, love and living!  

DECEMBER 30, 2020: Kendra's pick today is the announced new book by Marie Benedict, The Mystery of Mrs. Christie. Did you know that Agatha Christie he had gone missing for eleven days with a very murky explanation? This fictional biographical book which is also a mystery will delve into her disappearance.

DECEMBER 15, 2020: Kendra's pick today are some last minute UNIQUE gift ideas for the UNIQUE people on your list: Mystery Lover: The Best American Mystery Stories edited by C.J. Box, Puzzle Lover: The Nautical Puzzle Book by the National Maritime Museum, verlander Series Lover: Clanlands by Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish and Wisdom Lover: People Who Love to Eat Are Always the Best People and Other Wisdom by Julia Child.

DECEMBER 9, 2020:   Kendra's pick today are for the New England sports lovers of all ages:  Bobby Orr and the Hand-Me-Down Skates by Bobby Orr and Kara Kootstra, illustrated by Jennifer Phelan; Six Rings: The Super Bowl History of the New England Patriots (So Far) by Jerry Thornton; F Is for Fenway: America's Oldest Major League Ballpark by Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by John S. Dykes; and The Big Three: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and the Rebirth of the Boston Celtics by Michael Holley

DECEMBER 2, 2020:   Kendra's pick today is a suggestion for Dad:  A Man and His Car by Matt Hranek.  Add the 500 piece puzzle of the cover photo of the book (1964 Land Rover Series IIA) to make a great gift bundle!

NOVEMBER 25, 2020:   Kendra's picks for this week -- relax with a Christmas cozy!  A couple of suggestions . . . Christmas at the Island Hotel: A Novel (Paperback) By Jenny Colgan  and Comfort & Joy: A Fable (Paperback) By Kristin Hannah

NOVEMBER 18, 2020:  Kendra's picks for this week help us to celebrate Thanksgiving with the joy of Curious George and with a gentle reminder that there is more to Thanksgiving than a turkey and the trimmings,  "Happy Thanksgiving Curious George" by Cynthia Platt and Julie M. Bartynski and "Thanksgiving at the Tappletons" by Eileen Spinelli and illustrated by Maryann Cocca-Leffler.

NOVEMBER 11, 2020: Kendra's pick this week is the mystery within a murder mystery, Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz "featuring the famous literary detective Atticus Pund and Susan Ryeland, hero of the worldwide bestseller Magpie Murders".  Moonflower Murders is "brilliantly complex literary thriller with echoes of Agatha Christie."

NOVEMBER 4, 2020: Kendra's picks this week -- let's get cooking!  A couple of suggestions from favorite Food Network chefs: SuperGood Baking for Kids by Duff Goldman and Modern Comfort Food (A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook) by Ina Garten.

OCTOBER 28, 2020: Kendra's picks this week are great for a cool fall day. "A History of Chowder: Four Centuries of a New England Meal" by Robert S. Cox and Jacob Walker besides telling the history of Chowder also gives you some recipes. For the younger people (maybe aspiring chefs?) is the picture book, "Chowder Rules! The True Story of an EPIC Food Fight", written by Anna Crowley Redding and illustrated by Vita Lane which tells of the 1939 chowder cook-off between Cleveland Sleeper Jr.  of Maine and Harry Tully from Philadelphia cooking for New York. Would you put tomatoes in your chowder?

OCTOBER 21, 2020: Kendra's pick this week is the new legal thriller by John Grisham, "A Time for Mercy". Jake Brigance, the hero from "Time to Kill" is back to represent a 16 year old boy and save him from the death penalty. Grisham fans will not be disappointed by this great courtroom drama

OCTOBER 14, 2020: Kendra's picks this week are some fun Halloween books for the young ones in your life! 

OCTOBER 7, 2020: Kendra's picks this week are the new record books that adults and children enjoy pouring over. "Guinness World Records 2021" and Ripley's Believe It or Not Mind Blown! All True & New" 

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020:Kendra's pick this week is Montauk, a historical romance by Nicola Harrison. Set in 1938, Bea is spending "twelve weeks sequestered with other high-society wives at the Montauk Manor, a two-hundred year-old seaside hotel while her husband dallies in his 'extra curricular activities.'"

SEPTEMBER 23, 2020: Kendra's picks this week are new unincorn books for unicorn lovers in your life!
The Magical Unicorn Society: A Brief History of Unicorns (Hardcover) By Selwyn E. Phipps, Aitch (Illustrator), Oana Befort (Illustrator), Rae Ritchie (Illustrator), Zanna Goldhawk (Illustrator), Harry Goldhawk (Illustrator)

A Unicorn Named Sparkle and the Pumpkin Monster (Hardcover) by Amy Young

SEPTEMBER 16, 2020: Kendra's picks this week feature some classic and great "horse" stories for middle grade through teens.

Misty of Chincoteague (Paperback) By Marguerite Henry, Wesley Dennis (Illustrator)

Black Beauty (Puffin Classics) (Paperback) By Anna Sewell, Meg Rosoff (Introduction by)

Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum (Classic Seuss) (Hardcover) By Dr. Seuss, Andrew Joyner (Illustrator)

Sergeant Reckless: The True Story of the Little Horse Who Became a Hero (Paperback) By Patricia McCormick, Iacopo Bruno (Illustrator)

SEPTEMBER 9, 2020: Kendra recommends these brand new titles from these favorite authors.

Robert B. Parker's Fool's Paradise (A Jesse Stone Novel #19) (Hardcover) By Mike Lupica; Squeeze Me: A novel (Hardcover) By Carl Hiaasen; One by One (Hardcover) By Ruth Ware


SEPTEMBER 2, 2020: Kendra's pick:  New memoir from Scituate native Nick Flynn.

This Is the Night Our House Will Catch Fire: A Memoir (Hardcover) By Nick Flynn

AUGUST 26, 2020: Kendra says:  Everyone loves a good road trip!

Around the World in Eighty Days (Puffin Classics) (Paperback) By Jules Verne

The Getaway Girls: A hilarious feel good summer read (Paperback) By Dee MacDonald

The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper (Paperback) By Phaedra Patrick

AUGUST 19, 2020: Kendra recommends books about books!

The Little Bookshop on the Seine (Paperback) By Rebecca Raisin

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek (Paperback) By Kim Michele Richardson

The Library Book (Paperback) By Susan Orlean

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library (Paperback) By Chris Grabenstein

AUGUST 12, 2020: Kendra recommends seek and find books for hours of fun and learning. Readers can learn new concepts and fun facts as well as develop observation skills.

Where's Waldo (a favorite classic),

My Big Wimmelbook—A Day at the Zoo (My Big Wimmelbooks) (Board book)

Looky Looky. Things That Go

Hide & Seek Boston

AUGUST 5, 2020: Nothing like a good crossword puzzle on a lazy summer day.

Cross Word Puzzles for Clever Kids by Trip Payne

Easy-to-Please Crosswords by Randall J. Hartman

Sleepy Sunday Crosswords edited by Stanley Newman

Pajama Weekend Crosswords edited by Stanley Newman

Cross Word Puzzles for Clever Kids by Trip Payne

JULY 29, 2020: Some favorite historical fiction novels now in paperback.

The Only Woman in the Room (Paperback) By Marie Benedict

The Last Train to Key West (Paperback) By Chanel Cleeton

The Glass Ocean: A Novel (Paperback) By Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, Karen White

JULY 22, 2020: Classic murder mysteries.  

Rebecca (Paperback) By Daphne Du Maurier

The Selected Works of Edgar Allan Poe (Collins Classics) (Paperback) By Edgar Allan Poe

The Hound of the Baskervilles (Puffin Classics) (Paperback) By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

And Then There Were None By Agatha Christie

JULY 14, 2020: Fun beach reads with a little romance!

It Started with a Secret (Paperback) By Jill Mansell

500 Miles from You: A Novel (Paperback) By Jenny Colgan

The Summer Deal: A Novel (Paperback) By Jill Shalvis

A Unicorn Named Sparkle and the Perfect Valentine Cover Image
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Mermaid Dance Cover Image
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A Deadly Affair: Unexpected Love Stories from the Queen of Mystery Cover Image
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The Vineyard at Painted Moon Cover Image
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The Treasure Hunt Cover Image
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Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree Cover Image
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Hercule Poirot's Christmas: A Hercule Poirot Mystery (Hercule Poirot Mysteries #20) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780063143555
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Published: William Morrow Paperbacks - November 9th, 2021

Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone: A Novel (Outlander #9) Cover Image
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The Man Who Died Twice: A Thursday Murder Club Mystery Cover Image
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Grand Jeté and Me Cover Image
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Chez Bob Cover Image
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Find Spot at the Halloween Party Cover Image
By Eric Hill, Eric Hill (Illustrator)
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Monster Mash Mad Libs: World's Greatest Word Game Cover Image
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What Is the Story of Dracula? (What Is the Story Of?) Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781524788452
Availability: Not in Store - Usually Ships in 2-7 Days from Warehouse
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SKU: 9781732970458

Jumbo Book of My First Hidden Pictures (Highlights Jumbo Books & Pads) Cover Image
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The Ghostly Tales of New England Cover Image
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We're All in the Same Boat Cover Image
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Norman Didn't Do It!: (Yes, He Did) (Mother Bruce Series) Cover Image
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The Thursday Murder Club: A Novel (A Thursday Murder Club Mystery #1) Cover Image
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I Spy School Days: A Book of Picture Riddles Cover Image
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A Library Book for Bear (Bear and Mouse) Cover Image
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If the Shoe Fits: A Meant to Be Novel Cover Image
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Sunrise by the Sea: A Little Beach Street Bakery Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062911322
Availability: Not in Store - Usually Ships in 2-7 Days from Warehouse
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How to Go Anywhere (and Not Get Lost): A Guide to Navigation for Young Adventurers Cover Image
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Summer on the Bluffs: A Novel (Summer Beach #1) Cover Image
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A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee: (Read Aloud Books, Series Books for Kids, Books for Early Readers) Cover Image
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