Novels for the junior high, high school student.

  • Reporters are our summer youth "Treasures in the Cove" reporters.

  • Blue Fingers: A Ninja's Tale Cover Image
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    ISBN: 9780618381395
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    Published: Clarion Books - March 22nd, 2004

    "Kaji is a twin. In Japan tiwns are unlucky. Next to his twin, Taro, Kaji is always second best. AFter disgracing his family and getting lost, Kaji is kidnapped by a secret ninja clan. Now he must learn their ways or pay the price." Reporter Shannon H.

    The power and prowess of ninja never seem to lose their appeal to young readers, especially boys. Blue Fingers, a suspenseful, action-packed coming-of-age story set in feudal Japan, offers an up-close look at this noble, fierce way of life. Through an odd twist of fate, a stubborn twelve-year-old boy named Koji is kidnapped by a secret ninja clan and taken to its hidden camp high in the mountains. He wants desperately to return home, but that is forbidden. He must forget his old life and become a ninja-or die. In this carefully researched and well-crafted novel, Koji must learn to survive in the mysterious and dangerous world of the ninja and fulfill a destiny far different from any he could have imagined.

    The Star of Kazan Cover Image
    By Eva Ibbotson, Kevin Hawkes (Illustrator)
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    ISBN: 9780525473473
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    Published: Dutton Juvenile - October 7th, 2004

    "Annika was found in a churn, abandoned. She grows up in Vienna, wants to be a cook and has a wonderful life. But still she dreams that her elegant mother will come to return her home. Eventually she does -- she is noble and rich. But maybe it's not so great -- especially with all the secrets (dark ones). Not quite as action packed as other Ibbotson books, but still exciting and amazing." Reporter Tarin F.

    Teen Idol Cover Image
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    ISBN: 9780060096168
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    Published: HarperCollins Publishers - August 1st, 2004

    "Jen Greenley is an all around nice girl. She's the person everyone can ask for advice and tell their secrets to. So it's no surprise when she's asked to show a heartthrob around the school without anyone finding out. Will she be able to?" Reporter Shannon F.H.

    "Jenny Greenlay is the typical teenager. Everybody loves her because she is so nice to everybody. Her life is pretty uneventful besides from the typical teenage gripes until she is asked to become America's heart-throb's, Like Striker's, new best friend. From that point on everything is turned upside down and Jenny tries to figure out how to fix it all. The book is really good even if it is a little unbelievable, but that's what makes Meg Cabot's books so good." Reporter Courtney D.

    Shadowmancer Cover Image
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    ISBN: 9780399242564
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    Published: Putnam Juvenile - April 26th, 2004

    "The storys starts when Thomas is saved by a boy named Raphah. Raphah has come all the way from Africa to recover the Keruvim stolen by Demurral. Thomas decides to help him. On their way to Demurral they meet up with Kate. The three go through many dangers to get hold of the Keruvim. Shadowmancer is a great book for kids and adults alike." Reporter Peter M.

    "When Obadiah Demurral, a priest who has turned away from God, sets his sights on having control over everything and steals a sacred object from Africa the world is in more danger than anyone knows. Now it is up to Raphah, an African who has been sent to retrieve the object and with the help of Kate and Thomas to stop Demurral from destroying the world and God as well." Reporter Jillian E.

    Vicar Obadiah Demurral no longer wants to worship God--he wants to be God! Obadiah Demurral may be a vicar, but knowing what master he truly serves would come as a shock to the villagers of Thorpe. Craving power and filled with insatiable greed, he has welcomed a darkness into his life that enables him to do terrible things, in the hope of harnessing control over the universe. He will stop at nothing, and as a shadowmancer--a sorcerer who speaks to the dead--he even commands restless souls to do his bidding. Who will stand against him? Young Raphah has come from another continent to reclaim the precious artifact--danger-ously volatile in the wrong hands--that Demurral has stolen. Even younger and less experienced in the ways of battle are Thomas and Kate, accidentally drawn into this war between good and evil, this struggle against Demurral that brings them face-to-face with the powers of darkness in an epic battle. G. P. Taylor takes readers on a breathtaking voyage, full of suspense and danger, where fallen angels and demonic forces come in the night and where the ultimate sacrifice might even be life itself.

    So Yesterday Cover Image
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    ISBN: 9781595140005
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    Published: Razorbill - September 9th, 2004

    "So Yesterday is a very unique novel about a 17-year old boy named Hunter. Hunter is a "cool hunger" or goes around hunting for new cool "fads". While "hunting" he meets an innovator or inventor of the fads. Her name is Jen and together they discover a conspiracy involving a kidnapping, purple dye, and the coolest shoes the world has ever seen. This novel was very good if not a little strange. It has some very futuristic ideas that some people might not get." Reporter Courtney D.

    "New York City, a place where almost anyting can happen. Hunter and his sort-of-girlfriend, Jen, are about to find out just how bad good ideas can get and that you and your enemies can have a lot in common." Reporter Jillian E.

    In this ultra-hip conspiracy thriller by Philip K. Dick honoree Scott Westerfeld, a shadowy group dedicated to the downfall of consumerism draws a street savvy 17-year-old into its web of brand-name intrigue.

    Clovermead: In the Shadow of the Bear Cover Image
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    ISBN: 9780689866395
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    Published: Margaret K. McElderry Books - May 1st, 2004

    "Clovermead Wickward had always loved reading about heroes and great adventures. So wehn a Pilgrim that is staying at her father's inn agrees to teach her to use a sword, she hopes that this will lead to her own adventure. But when she and her father are forced to flee their home she learns bear magic. She discovers that she isn't who she thought she was and adventure isn't as much fun as she thought." Reporter Jillian E.

    In this debut fantasy, 12-year-old Clovermead Wickward dreams about the thrill of a sword fight, the excitement of heroic quests, and the clash of mighty armies. The last thing she expects is for those things to come true.