Dear Book Lovers, Storybook Cove Supporters, Community Friends, Neighbors  . . .

Storybook Cove is an independent bookstore and long-time member of the greater Hanover/Norwell south shore community from Quincy to Plymouth.  Storybook Cove identifies as we/us/our – a community -- collectively representing Janet, Joey, Kendra, Joanne, Ed, the other staff members over the years and all of you, our wonderful customers and supporters. We love books, providing customer service, and curating our shelves with unique and special children’s books and a lot of grown-up books too!  We turned 30 in November, 2020 and are working hard to survive this covid-19 pandemic with and for you. 

Our sales have certainly been impacted by the covid-19 pandemic BUT our enthusiastic support for our customers have not. As those of you who have ventured back to in-store shopping at Storybook Cove (you gladly sanitize, wear masks, keep your distance) know, we have to limit the number of people who can be in our store at any one time.  Also, we do understand that many of you have felt more comfortable shopping from home and have ordered online or by phone for shipping or curbside pick-up.  Our customers have made sure that Storybook Cove did not become a work of fiction remembered with fondness.  You answered our call to action because you knew what happened in the ending months of 2020 would be crucial for our survival.




You shopped our shelves and we hope that you continue to do so.  We have so many books to sell you and we have wonderful booksellers to assist you -- the only thing we need is for you to do the shopping. We need you to get out the WORD to ALL of your families and friends to SHOP STORYBOOK COVE, follow us on facebook at storybookcove, on Instagram at storybookcove, on twitter at storybookcove, and on our webpage at




Our regular in-store shopping hours are:
Monday through Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.; Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Curbside pick-up hours are available during those same times.


We’re offering new SERVICES that will let us do what we do well as booksellers -- match the perfect books on our shelves to the person who will love it most.

If you purchase for yourself or someone you love a KID’S or ADULT’S “Books from the Cove” Subscription or a by Theme “From Our Shelves Book Bundle” for Adults, Infants thru Pre-School, Kids & Tweens, and/or Teens, you will be letting us "shop the shelves" for you so that we can ship out or you can pick-up some awesome, hand-picked books without the delay of waiting for orders to come from publishers and suppliers.  Give a multiple month subscription box and one gift becomes three or six gifts!  LINK to BOOKS from the COVE Subscription Boxes  LINK to From Our Shelves BOOK BUNDLES

We continue to work to timely process online orders through this website.  PLEASE note a title’s availability [on our shelf; Not in Store - Usually Ships in 2-7 Days from Warehouse]. 

Storybook Cove is committed to providing you the best products and services we can through and beyond the covid-19 crisis! We are asking you to consider the fact that where we all spend our money may very well determine the community we find ourselves in 2021 and on.  We do not want to imagine one that has no Storybook Cove in it – we hope you feel the same!

Thank you – thank you – thank you for your support over the past 30 years and especially in these challenging times. 

Janet Bibeau (owner) and Joey, Kendra, and Joanne