The Tuddleby Trait (Signed Copy)

Primary Author: 

Goodman, Janine Faith

Other Authors/Illustrators: 

Horowitz (lllustrator), Aliza
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Eleven-year-old Tommy Tuddleby wants adventure. With his satchel packed full of tools, he’s ready to go exploring and find treasure — but he never makes it past his own backyard. Then one evening, he is whisked away from his bedroom to the land of Rolokon, a land that has lost all its color. Rolokon’s magical pearl is missing, and Tommy and his companions must find it. They soon learn that the magical pearls are missing from nearby lands, and the loss of each pearl causes its own devastation. They must work quickly to find the pearls and restore order … especially since Tommy’s companions believe he is a powerful wizard!

Will he succeed before they find out the truth?

Janine Faith Goodman began The Tuddleby Trait as a college independent study project with award winning children’s writer Natalie Babbitt, and she did not finish it until 35 years later! She is thrilled to finally share Tommy and his friends with the world. The Tuddleby Trait was illustrated by artist Aliza Horowitz.

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